4: Object Oriented Programming in Java

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4: Object Oriented Programming
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public function eat():void { trace("The seagull digs its beak into the sand, pulls up a tiny, \ struggling crab, and swallows it in one gulp."); weight += 0.5; } } }
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package com.actionscriptbible.ch4 { public class SoccerSeagull extends Seagull { public function playSoccer():void { trace("Incredibly, the seagull produces a miniature soccer ball and \ deftly kicks it into a goal."); } } }
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This code provides the classes for the Seagull class and the SoccerSeagull classes. Note that you use the extends keyword to declare the parent class that the class will inherit from, because a child class can extend the abilities of its superclass. The example also shows that no code is required for the SoccerSeagull subclass to inherit the functions squawk(), fly(), and eat() from its superclass. Additionally, you can use inheritance to override some behavior of the parent. For example, if your seagulls are creating a lot of noise, you might want to modify their squawking behavior. If you create a QuietSeagull that inherits from Seagull, the QuietSeagull will do everything a Seagull does, including squawk. But you can specify attributes of the superclass that you want to modify and provide new attributes in their place. So you could create a squawking behavior in QuietSeagull that squawks more quietly or even modify it to make no noise! Through all this, the original Seagull is untouched. You can still have original, classic Seagulls running about among their bizarre offspring. Inheriting a class does not in any way alter the class; rather uses the parent class as a starting point for a child class. Moreover, subclasses are still considered their superclass: a SoccerSeagull is still a Seagull. It doesn t stop being a Seagull just because it can play soccer, and it can still do all the things a Seagull always could. The example shows crazyGull, the SoccerSeagull instance, ying and eating just like a normal Seagull does. Inheritance is a concept applicable to classes, not objects. So a SoccerSeagull subclass can inherit from the Seagull class, but a Seagull object, once created, can t change its class. In the same way, the properties of an object that are de ned or changed at runtime won t be part of the subclass s instances. Put another way, if a seagull injured its foot, it might be affected for the rest of its life, but its children will not inherit that trait or any other trait the parents acquired in the course of life. In the following example, the parent gains some weight, but you see that the new object inherits the default weight provided by the Seagull template rather than the runtime value of its parent.
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package { import com.actionscriptbible.Example; import com.actionscriptbible.ch4.Seagull; import com.actionscriptbible.ch4.SoccerSeagull;
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Part I: ActionScript 3.0 Language Basics
public class ch4ex2 extends Example { public function ch4ex2() { var gull:Seagull = new Seagull(); gull.eat(); gull.eat(); gull.eat(); gull.eat(); trace("The parent seagull s weight is", gull.weight); //4 var childGull:SoccerSeagull = new SoccerSeagull(); trace("The child seagull s weight is", childGull.weight); //2 } } }
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Living things use a variety of reproductive practices, transferring their traits to their children in different ways. Humans have two parents and inherit their characteristics from a combination of both parents traits. More simple organisms like viruses make a direct copy of their DNA or RNA so that their children inherit from only one parent. Inheritance in ActionScript 3.0 is this latter kind, called single inheritance. A class can inherit from only one class. In fact, if you don t specify a class to inherit from, your class extends the Object class, so all classes extend exactly one class (except Object itself). With single inheritance, you can draw a simple tree of classes, and you can trace any class back to Object with a simple list of classes. Things would get a lot more confusing if one class could inherit from multiple classes. The whole list of classes that takes a class back to the root class, as shown in Figure 4-3, is called a class s inheritance chain.
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