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You may be wondering how ActionScript and JavaScript can be compatible enough to pass data back and forth. ActionScript being an ECMAScript language shares all the basic data types of JavaScript, like String, Array, and Object. On the other hand, ActionScript de nes many more data types that don t exist in JavaScript. Because you re calling JavaScript code, you have no reason to use these data types as function arguments, nor could a JavaScript function return them.
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Calling ActionScript Functions from JavaScript
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You can also call ActionScript functions from JavaScript. To do so you must register the function in ActionScript so that it is accessible from JavaScript and then call the function from JavaScript via the Flash embed object. You can expose an ActionScript function to JavaScript with the static ExternalInterface .addCallback() method. The method requires two parameters: the name of the function as you want to call it from JavaScript and the reference to the function or method that you want to register. The following example registers a function called resume() so that you can call it from JavaScript as resumeFlashGame():
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ExternalInterface.addCallback("resumeFlashGame", resume);
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Once a function is registered, you can call it from within JavaScript. From JavaScript, you call the function as a method of the Flash object by referencing the ID of the plug-in or ActiveX object. The standard way to do this is with the JavaScript getElementById() function, de ned in HTML DOM Level 2. This is compatible with all modern browsers. If your Flash content was embedded with an ID of "flashObjectID", you would retrieve a reference to the plug-in object like so:
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And you could call the registered ActionScript method from JavaScript with this code:
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You can pass parameters from JavaScript to the function (again limited by the data types available in JavaScript). Likewise, you can use the return value of the ActionScript function in JavaScript. You should be able to determine the ID of the Flash Player embed element in JavaScript. However, should you need it, ExternalInterface can report the ID of the Flash Player element it s running inside. Use the static property ExternalInterface.objectID.
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Part IX: Flash in Context
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JavaScript Interaction and Flash Player Security
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To interface with scripts in the containing web page, the AllowScriptAccess embed parameter must be set to the proper value. These values include
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always Flash Player is allowed to communicate with the page, even if it is hosted in mismatching domains. sameDomain SWFs may communicate with HTML from the same domain only. This is the
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default value.
never This prohibits the embedded SWF from communicating to JavaScript in the page.
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See more about this embedding tag at Likewise, to return values to ActionScript and register callbacks, you must allow access to the SWF from the domain the HTML is hosted in using Security.allowDomain(). If the SWF is not permitted by these rules to communicate with the HTML page, SecurityErrors are raised.
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Making a Hybrid Application with ExternalInterface
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You ve had a chance to read about the theory of ExternalInterface. Now you ll use the theory to put together a simple demonstration application. Example 43-2 uses a Flash movie with a rotating rectangle, a start/stop button, and a text eld. The Flash movie is placed within an HTML page with a text input and a button. The Flash movie requests that data and displays it in the text eld. When the user clicks the start/stop button in the Flash movie, it pauses and resumes the rotation of the rectangle, and it sends a message to the HTML text input to display the current status of the rectangle. The HTML button makes a new random color and sends it to the Flash movie. The Flash movie then applies that color to the rectangle.
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Exposing ActionScript Functions to JavaScript
package { import flash.display.Shape; import flash.display.Sprite; import; import flash.external.ExternalInterface; import flash.utils.Timer; public class ch43ex2 extends Sprite { private var rectangle:Shape; private var timer:Timer; public function ch43ex2() { rectangle = new Shape();, 0, 1);, 10, 100, 100);