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The .as extension is used for ActionScript 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. Accordingly, simply examining the lename will not tell you what language is contained in the le. ActionScript 3.0 les can be distinguished by the package block that surrounds the class de nition.
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Object Oriented Terminology
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Although classes are the cornerstone of object oriented programming, there are other essential, related concepts. I ve already touched on some, and I ve tiptoed around others, for it s impossible to discuss object oriented programming without this vocabulary.
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Object can have slightly different meanings in different contexts. An object is the basic unit of object oriented programming. It is a self-contained thing that contains data and operations. Every object is de ned by a class. For example, a bicycle object would be de ned by the class Bicycle. An object is concrete. A real bicycle has two wheels that make it a bicycle a bicycle object has traits that make it a Bicycle. Any instance of Bicycle is a bicycle. Typically, you use the word object to refer to an arbitrary object one whose details you are not interested in. When the object has a speci c type, sometimes you use the word instance instead, as in this is an instance of the Bicycle class.
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Part I: ActionScript 3.0 Language Basics
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Objects are constructs that exist at runtime, while the program is running. You can write code to manipulate objects, but the objects don t actually exist until the code you wrote executes and creates them. The word object can also refer to the class Object, which is the base class of all classes and the root of all type hierarchies. You can nd more about this later in this chapter and in 10, Objects and Dictionaries.
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A class is a blueprint for an object. It de nes the object in full: the data and operations of that object. You write classes before you run your program, and when your program is running, the classes are set in stone. An exception to this is dynamic classes, which are discussed later in this chapter. Otherwise, the only thing that a running program uses classes for is to create new objects and to manipulate types. Classes contain the code you write. When your program runs, it s an orchestrated production of objects, and that production is directed by the code in the classes.
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An instance is a speci c object created from a speci c class. It may be used by itself or with the name of the class to specify the type of the instance, as in an instance of the FuzzyLobster class. Instances are unique. When you point to a particular shiny red road bike screaming down the road, you can refer to an instance of Bicycle. Although there are other bicycles, and although there are other shiny red road bikes, that instance is one individual bike. The word instance is related to the word instantiate. When you create a new instance of a Bicycle, perhaps with the code new Bicycle(), you are also instantiating a class. Often, instance and object are used interchangeably. All instances are objects. Usually, you deal with objects (like a particular bicycle) that are instances of a certain class. In most cases, the terms object and instance are equally valid.
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The type of an object tells you what the object is. An object of type Bicycle is a bicycle. ActionScript 3.0 allows you to create variables with and without types. In other words, you can create both statically typed and dynamically typed variables. Except where the situation requires it, all code in this book will use statically typed variables. In statically typed code, types help to ensure that you only perform actions on the right kind of things. For example, if you want to do a wheelie on a bicycle, you might make sure that something is a bicycle before you try to pop a wheelie with it. Imagine the embarrassment you would have to endure if you were caught popping a wheelie on a strawberry, or the hospital bill you d incur by popping a wheelie on a unicycle. When you write statically typed programs, the code can enforce these checks; your code will be incorrect if it uses incompatible types, and the compiler won t let you run the program. The assurance that types are correct is known as type safety. Because ActionScript is object oriented, the actual type of every object will be a class, and it is impossible to create an object with a type whose type is not a class. (You can use objects as if they were compatible types and interfaces, as you will read later in the section Manipulating Types, but their actual type will remain the class they were instantiated from.) From Strings to ints, objects types are classes.
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