41: Globalization, Accessibility, and Color Correction in Java

Generate GTIN - 13 in Java 41: Globalization, Accessibility, and Color Correction
41: Globalization, Accessibility, and Color Correction
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More importantly, you can provide assistive devices with meta-information about display objects with the AccessibilityProperties class. The class is trivial to use:
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input.accessibilityProperties = new AccessibilityProperties(); input.accessibilityProperties.name = "Full name"; input.accessibilityProperties.description = "Your full name, first then last.";
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This name property is not the same as the DisplayObject s name property, which screen readers ignore.
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The accessibilityProperties property can be set on any button, display object container, text eld, or the application class. In other places, it is ignored. Simply adding name accessibility properties to buttons and description accessibility properties to groups of important controls does a world of good. With the forceSimple property of AccessibilityProperties, you can make the associated display object opaque to screen readers they ignore its children.
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group.accessibilityProperties = new AccessibilityProperties(); group.accessibilityProperties.description = "Three screen captures of \ the software in action."; group.accessibilityProperties.forceSimple = true;
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Similarly, there is an accessibilityProperties.silent property that hides the display object from screen readers when set to true. Additionally, you can supply an alternate interface optimized for screen readers if one is active. You can detect screen reader software by using the static read-only property Accessibility.active in the flash.accessibility package. But wait! Don t go wild setting thousands of accessibility properties around your application just yet. Flash Player s auto-labeling features may do a tolerable job for much of your app. If you can, get a free or open source screen reader, or a trial version, and nd out where you should focus your efforts at clarifying the interface for assistive devices.
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Color Correction
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Flash Player 10 and later can use color correction when the host environment supports it. Color correction is used by software to ensure colors are reproduced consistently across different devices in this case, displays, but color correction is also critical for accurate printing, scanning, and image acquisition. Different models of a display, and especially displays from different manufacturers, reproduce colors slightly differently. If the display s manufacturer is concerned at all about color accuracy, it provides you with a color pro le for the display. The color pro le tells software in great detail about how colors are produced by the device, something software alone could never nd out, and usually using tightly controlled data (creating your own accurate color pro le can t be done well without an optical color calibration device). Now that it has a color pro le, your software is armed with knowledge about how your monitor translates the colors in memory to the exact colors that the hardware emits. With this knowledge, it can adjust the colors it asks to display, so that the ones that come out are exactly the intended colors in the rst place. That s color correction.
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Part IX: Flash in Context
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FP10. Flash Player color correction is available only in Flash Player 10 and later.
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Use color correction to ensure a consistent and accurate color experience between users with different displays. The effects of color correction may not be noticeable when the hardware is close to the default color pro le used by Flash Player, but it s critical for image editing applications and precision video and image review. Your operating system has color correction built in, but it may not be doing anything for you unless you have the correct color pro le installed. Presume that you have one installed and working. The plug-in and ActiveX versions of Flash Player still have to rely on the host browser, which may or may not be applying color correction to its contents. In general, Flash Player tries to match the color correction settings of the browser. That way, if Flash content is integrated with non-Flash content, the adjusted colors don t clash. Two properties on the Stage instance provide access to color correction.
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colorCorrectionSupport Read-only; speci es whether Flash Player can use color correction and whether the browser is using it. If the monitor doesn t have an ICC color pro le or Flash Player can t read the pro le, the value is ColorCorrectionSupport.UNSUPPORTED. Otherwise, color correction can be used, and its default state is indicated by a value of ColorCorrectionSupport.DEFAULT_ON or ColorCorrectionSupport .DEFAULT_OFF. colorCorrection Turns color correction on and off. Set to ColorCorrection.ON, ColorCorrection.OFF, or ColorCorrection.DEFAULT to inherit behavior from the
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host browser. It s not really necessary to check the support rst. If you want color correction to be on, just set it to on.
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stage.colorCorrection = ColorCorrection.ON;
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Turning on color correction uses more CPU time. You may not notice a difference when you toggle between them. If you want to see the effects, try creating a custom color pro le with a software monitor calibration tool (your OS probably has one built in), and make sure its effects are exaggerated. Color correction is especially important if your site was designed on all Macs or all PCs and if it s very dark or very bright. Macs and PCs traditionally display at different gamma levels, which are sure to lose details in the shadows and highlights. Enabling color correction can x this. Check out Example 36-12 (http://actionscriptbible.com/ch36/ex12) to see how you can use palette mapping to correct colors in pure ActionScript. You can use this approach in Flash Player versions earlier than 10.
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Here s a massive power tip. Flash Player only color-corrects its color output. All external les and art are assumed to be in the sRGB color space. So when you re creating art assets for Flash Player, always work in, and save to, the sRGB color space.
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