41: Globalization, Accessibility, and Color Correction in Java

Include EAN 13 in Java 41: Globalization, Accessibility, and Color Correction
41: Globalization, Accessibility, and Color Correction
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Did you see how easy that was In the words of someone who s had to painstakingly localize applications into languages he doesn t know: booya. Translate Date objects into localized text with the format() method. You can also use a Date object in UTC time by passing it to formatUTC() instead. Note that neither method messes with the time; for instance, the formatter won t try to convert from GMT-0500 Eastern time to GMT+0100 Austria time. Beyond the exible options given by DateTimeStyle, you can completely customize the formatting of a date by setting properties of the DateTimeFormatter instance. Again, I won t cover those here, because the whole point is that these classes are already populated with the correct formatting for the given locale. Additionally, DateTimeStyle lets you grab those localized month and day-of-the-week names if you need them in other places. Use getMonthNames() and getWeekdayNames() for this. These take optional parameters that let you request the full name or a long or short abbreviation (Thursday, Thurs., Th., for instance). Example 41-3 shows several date formats in action.
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Localizing Dates
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package { import com.actionscriptbible.Example; import flash.globalization.*; public class ch41ex3 extends Example { public function ch41ex3() { var rogerDay:Date = new Date(1981, 4, 12); var all:Vector.<DateTimeFormatter> = new Vector.<DateTimeFormatter>(); all.push(new DateTimeFormatter("ja-JP", //Japanese/Japan DateTimeStyle.MEDIUM, DateTimeStyle.NONE)); all.push(new DateTimeFormatter("he-IL", //Hebrew/Israel DateTimeStyle.LONG, DateTimeStyle.NONE)); all.push(new DateTimeFormatter("pt-PT", //Portuguese/Portugal DateTimeStyle.LONG, DateTimeStyle.NONE)); for each (var formatter:DateTimeFormatter in all) { trace(formatter.requestedLocaleIDName,"\t",formatter.format(rogerDay)); } //I forget, what are the days of the week in Swedish again trace((new DateTimeFormatter("sv")).getWeekdayNames().toString()); } } }
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Part IX: Flash in Context
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Formatting Currency
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For currency, use the CurrencyFormatter, which has much the same structure as NumberFormatter, but it s endowed with the ability to format quantities in the local currency correctly. When you create a CurrencyFormat object, you pass its constructor a locale string like the other globalization classes, associating it with The locale Which you can retrieve as actualLocaleIDName, and of course, you can access requestedLocaleIDName as well. The currency used in the locale currencyISOCode contains the three-letter code (like USD) for the currency used in the locale, and currencySymbol contains the symbol (like $) used to write amounts in the local currency. Currency formatting rules If digits are grouped, the pattern of the groups, the number of decimal places, the separator characters, and so on. Together, these rules de ne not only the locale, but its currency and how it s written. This means that a CurrencyFormat is best used to represent monetary amounts in the region s own currency, not in foreign currencies.
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The three-letter currency codes, like CAD, EUR, HKD, GBP, and so on, are standardized by ISO 4217; nd a reference at http://bit.ly/ISO4217.
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To localize a monetary amount, call format() on the CurrencyFormat, passing in a bare number, as Example 41-4 shows. The number is presumed to be a quantity in the locale s own currency and is treated as such. A second optional Boolean argument uses the currency symbol ($) instead of the currency code (USD) when set to true.
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Localizing Currency
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package { import com.actionscriptbible.Example; import flash.globalization.*; public class ch41ex4 extends Example { public function ch41ex4() { var local:CurrencyFormatter = new CurrencyFormatter(LocaleID.DEFAULT); trace(local.format(123456.78)); //USD123,456.78 var usa:CurrencyFormatter = new CurrencyFormatter("en-US"); trace(usa.format(123456.78, true)); //$123,456.78 var jp:CurrencyFormatter = new CurrencyFormatter("ja-JP"); trace(jp.format(123456.78, true)); // 123,457 var de:CurrencyFormatter = new CurrencyFormatter("de-DE"); trace (de.format(123456.78, true)); //123.456,78 var fr:CurrencyFormatter = new CurrencyFormatter("fr-FR"); trace (fr.format(123456.78, true)); //123 456,78
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41: Globalization, Accessibility, and Color Correction
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var localeID:LocaleID = new LocaleID(local.actualLocaleIDName); trace("Local currency in " + localeID.getRegion() + ": " + local.currencyISOCode + " (" + local.currencySymbol + ")"); } } }
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Likewise, you can parse in a currency from localized text to a number, with the parse() method. When passed a String containing a currency in the local format, the method returns a CurrencyParseResult object with a value the amount of money in the local currency and a currencyString the substring that contains the unit of currency as a currency code or symbol.
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