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FP10.1. All flash.globalization classes are available in Flash Player 10.1 and later. The remainder of this section covers these classes and is applicable only to this version.
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Together with the new Flash Text Engine and its great international capabilities, the globalization package in Flash Player 10.1 makes Flash Player truly a citizen of the world.
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Identifying Locale
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Locales are represented by a standardized code (following the spec at reports/tr35/) as a String. To simplify that document tremendously, a locale is uniquely identi ed by a language code and potentially a region. Each of these is two characters. For instance,
41: Globalization, Accessibility, and Color Correction
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my primary region is en-US, which stands for English as it s used in the United States. I can also certainly read en-GB (British English) or to lesser extents ja (Japanese) and es (Spanish). A language without a region is still a valid locale. The LocaleID class helps standardize locale strings and provides you with a little information about a locale. It s not necessary to encapsulate the locale code in that class, though. You can keep it around as a string. So this begs the question, how do you determine the user s locale It s an interesting question that s not as easy to answer as you d think. Although you can simply use the OS default, you should put some thought into the best way to identify the locale.
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Using the Default That the Operating System Provides
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The simplest method of choosing the user s preferred locale is listening to the operating system default. LocaleID.DEFAULT represents the OS s current locale. But it s a bit quirky; it isn t a static accessor that dynamically grabs the current locale string. It s actually a constant, special-case locale string: i-default. No code retrieves an actual locale until you try to use this locale with one of the classes in the globalization package. Only when it s used is the real locale retrieved. The globalization classes have a common mechanism in which they re initialized with a locale, but they may end up using a different locale if that one s not available to the OS. These two locales the one that s requested and the one that s resolved are made available to ActionScript through the actualLocaleIDName and requestedLocaleIDName properties of the globalization classes. If you need to, then, you can resolve the actual locale by creating a globalization class instance.
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var g11n:StringTools = new StringTools(LocaleID.DEFAULT); trace("Requested locale =", g11n.requestedLocaleIDName); //i-default trace("Actual locale =", g11n.actualLocaleIDName); //en-US (for me)
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However, you ll usually be ne using LocaleID.DEFAULT. Using the OS default locale is easy enough. Consider this, however. People may use their OS in the default language if it s dif cult to con gure, if it came preinstalled with a xed language, or if foreign language packs cost extra. For instance, Windows 7 supports user accounts with different individual languages only in its more expensive Enterprise and Ultimate editions.
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Based on Location
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Can you use location to infer the user s locale Not necessarily. I m sure you know at least one person who lives in your country but doesn t speak the national language as his primary language. Maybe this even applies to you, your parents, or your grandparents. Using location to infer locale is a start, but it s not nearly accurate.
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Based on the Browser
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If your application is living on the web, you can ask the browser for its language. There may be a better chance that the user is using the correct-language edition of her browser, at least. Using JavaScript (and ExternalInterface, covered in 43, Interfacing with JavaScript ), you can get this property from JavaScript s navigator object. The language property is usually what you want here, but it can go by several different names. However, this simply returns the language that the browser s UI is in.
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