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By constructing a normal map and modifying the texture based on the lights and normal at each point, you can shade objects per pixel.
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Part IX
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Flash in Context
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41 Globalization, Accessibility, and Color Correction 42 Deploying Flash on the Web 43 Interfacing with JavaScript 44 Local Connections between Flash Applications
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Globalization, Accessibility, and Color Correction
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hy do these topics belong together They are all tools you can use to ensure that your content is usable and beautiful for everyone, regardless of their primary language, sightedness, and monitor settings. In this chapter, you ll learn how to use all of these, and I ll brie y give mention to other user-adaptive technologies and techniques that have been covered in prior chapters.
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Globalization and Localization
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An important step in the planning process of any project is to identify what locales it will be deployed in. In this context, locale doesn t refer to a speci c geographic area so much as a set of conventions: not just the language, but its dialect (U.S. English vs. British English); its measurement system (Metric/SI or Imperial); its currency, date, and numeric conventions ( 7,00 vs. $7.00); and so on. Essentially, a locale is the set of regional rules surrounding written material. As you can imagine, supporting more than one locale means making some changes in the way you present text and numbers. Knowing the locales ahead of time, or at least knowing the fact that you need to support more than one locale, lets you write your user interface code with localization in mind and saves you from going back and ripping apart perfectly good, tested code later. Now that I ve dispensed with that obligatory warning, I ll return to those terms. Globalization, also called internationalization, entails writing code that s easy to localize. It s that planning ahead part I just mentioned. Localization is the process of adapting it to a speci c locale. For example, this code has not been internationalized; it s not easily localized:
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priceTF.text = "$" + priceValue.toFixed(2); button.labelTF.text = "Add to Cart"; button.labelTF.width = 200;
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Part IX: Flash in Context
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There are speci c problems with code like this; moreover, these problems are the same problems you ll see over and over again. The things you have to watch out for when localizing are almost always the same, including A speci c, hardcoded algorithm being used to convert numeric quantities into text. User-facing text being hardcoded. Dimensions and positions linked to presumed size of text. This is a huge, often overlooked issue in localization; it frequently takes more or less space to say the same thing in different languages. (And don t get me started with the impact that vertical versus horizontal or left-to-right versus right-to-left text has on a layout!) There are many solutions to these localization problems. Of course, the general approach is usually the same: Use code for outputting numeric quantities that can be parameterized by locale. Use some sort of string lookup table that can be parameterized by locale. Write liquid, dynamically sizing, and positioning user interfaces when possible. Of course, remember that your rst step should be to identify which locales your application will be used in. You can cut corners safely if you re assured that the application is limited to certain locales. Furthermore, it comes as no surprise that there are plenty of tools around to solve these well-known problems. Rudimentary locale support exists as the toLocaleString() method of any Object. Almost zero classes, however, override this method for locale-speci c formatting. Only Date seems to use it. If you re using the Flex framework, for instance, there s a great ResourceManager that lets you replace text and even assets and data, by locale, at compile time or runtime. You can easily create resource bundles for each locale by editing properties les, which are very simple. The Flex framework also provides a set of Formatter objects that make it easy to reformat text for different locales. It s not feasible to use these classes outside a Flex project, so you may consider moving to Flex to get all these localization features for free. More to the point, ActionScript 3.0 has its own globalization API, found in the flash.globalization package. Found in Flash Player 10.1 and later, the API contains formatters for dates, times, currencies, and numbers; it can more intelligently compare and modify characters and strings than the String class. Better yet, regional support is built in; you don t have to code the rules yourself.
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