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Frame scripts and ActionScript 1.0 are examples of procedural programming. In procedural programming, code executes from top to bottom and can go into functions or procedures.
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Binding the behaviors of an object with its properties results in a self-contained, fully functional, organized unit. In the same breath, you can talk about rotating the pedals of a bicycle and the color of that bicycle. It s all the same bicycle.
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Classes Separate Responsibilities
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Classes can perform work. You use them when designing a program to determine how to split up the program s responsibilities. Say you are required to build a program that makes deliveries throughout the city. You have to handle the responsibilities of picking up an item, nding out its destination, determining the best route to that destination, handing off the package, and collecting a fee. The Bicycle class, then, is just one class in your program. When thinking about how to do a program with object oriented design, you create classes to perform certain responsibilities. Here, a Dispatcher would be a natural choice for determining optimal routes, and a Messenger would be needed to control the Bicycle and to handle the Package. By carefully analyzing the actions that your program needs to perform, you can determine what classes are appropriate to use. With just a little more thought, the relationships between these classes become obvious as well. Classes work well when they are small, speci c units. If you end up with a class that takes care of many different responsibilities, it s usually possible and desirable to split it into multiple classes. If you write a Level class that draws a centipede, player, and obstacles and keeps track of the score, you ve created the same kind of jumble as exists in a procedural program. Look instead at the nouns used in that description for your clues to what the classes could be: a Centipede, a Player, a Stage, and a Score.
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Classes Are Types
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ActionScript 3.0 uses classes as types. All Bicycle classes are of a type Bicycle. This isn t because of any confusing self-reference but simply the nature of names. Bicycle is both a de nition of a thing (has two wheels, gears, and so on) and the word you use to refer to that thing ( bicycle ). When you
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4: Object Oriented Programming
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write out a class, you declare its name, and then you de ne it. When you use that class in the rest of your program, you only have to refer to it by name. In ActionScript 3.0, the inverse is also true: all types are classes (okay, except for interfaces, which you ll learn later in this chapter). In some languages, simple types like numbers are not represented by classes. These are called base types. In a language like this, 12 would have a type, say, integer, but no class associated with it. The type of 12 has a name but no de nition. There s nothing more you can learn about 12; there s no data contained in it or operations it can perform. However, in ActionScript 3.0, even numbers like 42 and Boolean values like true are represented by classes. They have data at minimum, their own value and operations. For example, you can ask a number like 12 to represent itself as a string by calling its toString() operation. In ActionScript 3.0, every value is described by a class.
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Classes Contain Your Program
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With the new generation of tools that support ActionScript 3.0, you are encouraged to write all your code in classes. There is no functionality that can t be performed with the right objects acting together, and creating a set of classes that divide up all the responsibilities of your program is what object oriented design is all about. This means that scripts attached to frames or symbols using Flash Professional can be, and should be, written in appropriate classes rather than on the timeline. Even the initialization of your program can move out of frame scripts by associating a Document class to your Flash project. All runnable example code in this book is contained in a class, even if that class simply runs a few lines of ActionScript. In ActionScript, classes are stored in .as les. Most of the time, each class le contains a single class (although this is not a requirement, as you will see later). ActionScript class les end in the le extension .as; for example, might contain the code for the Bicycle class.
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