Part VIII: Graphics Programming and Animation in Java

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Part VIII: Graphics Programming and Animation
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If video is playing in your SWF, the video still plays at its source frame rate regardless of the frame rate of the host SWF. However, a subordinate SWF loaded into your own SWF plays in the master SWF s frame rate regardless of its own.
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For comparison, you probably know that lms play at 24 fps, and television in the United States plays at about 30 fps. Computer displays can be driven at a great variety of actual refresh rates (usually around 60 fps), but when designing your application, target it for whatever speed you desire.
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Flash Player Operation
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Flash Player does not always display new frames at the rate you request. The frame rate you set is a goal that Flash Player tries to achieve. The actual frame rate is limited by many variables. To render a frame, Flash Player must utilize enough CPU time to render the new frame before it is scheduled to display. This can be limited by the complexity of the animation and ActionScript code that is running, the speed of the CPU and other hardware factors (bus speed, memory available, cache misses, and so on), as well as by the operating system and browser. It s a lamented fact that no SWF le running in a browser runs as fast as it does in the standalone Flash Player application. The plug-in architectures available on the various browsers limit the plug-in Flash Player s access to and allotment of resources. The browser and operating system sometimes take further chunks of performance away from plug-ins like Flash Player for the sake of power consumption and other rst-class applications. Executing ActionScript is just part of what goes into rendering a frame. Flash Player must also put together the image you will see. In most cases, Flash Player renders frames entirely with software, as opposed to 3D games and newer operating systems, which of oad much of this work onto your graphics card. Because the images that you see are composed using your CPU, composing any one frame can take up a lot of time in addition to any ActionScript running. For a great description of how Flash Player spends its time rendering a frame, see Sean Christmann s article at If you set the frame rate of a SWF le to 60 fps, Flash Player has just 1/60 of a second to draw each frame, or 16.67 milliseconds. If the system takes 25 milliseconds to render one of these frames, it s going to show up as soon as it can, around 8 milliseconds late. Already, with one frame late, Flash Player isn t truly playing at 60 fps. If a few frames come in late, you might see that the player s true frame rate is uctuating. And if every frame takes 25 milliseconds to render, Flash Player will play at 40 fps, regardless of the fact that you asked for 60 fps. In conclusion, the frame rate is not a guarantee, and it is not xed. It controls how often Flash Player tries to render new frames, not necessarily how often it does. Flash Player juggles two kinds of control ow: while it s rendering frames, it s also running ActionScript. It s important to understand that for any given frame to render, all ActionScript for that frame must be completed. If, for example, you ran the following code
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for (var i:int = 0; i < 500; i++) { myBlueShape.x = i; }
the display object myBlueShape would not appear to move from the left edge of the stage to 500 pixels to the right. Instead, it would appear suddenly at 500 pixels. Because all available ActionScript code is executed before you see the next frame, you can t use synchronous code to make anything
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