36: Programming Bitmap Graphics in Java

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36: Programming Bitmap Graphics
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You ve just seen some de nite advantages of using bitmaps to display graphics. But the fact that you can read from bitmaps is huge, too. Access to the pixels of an image opens the door to image analysis. You can use computer vision algorithms to extract meaningful information out of a webcam feed, for example, to track a user s face, eyes, or tracking markers. You can track the location of a ducial marker and attach a 3D scene to the marker, overlaid on the video feed, a gimmick called augmented reality. Image analysis isn t limited to webcam data, either. An automated testing system can simulate clicks on your program and compare the screen s appearance to what it expects to see.
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Creating and Displaying Bitmaps
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In this section, you ll get familiar with the BitmapData and Bitmap classes, with the goal of displaying a bitmap on stage. First you ll create a BitmapData instance. You can create BitmapData instances that are blank, or you can initialize them from embedded bitmaps.
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Creating Empty BitmapData Instances
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You can construct a new BitmapData object using its constructor, which takes the following parameters, the rst two of which are required.
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width Width of the bitmap in pixels. height Height of the bitmap in pixels. transparent Whether the bitmap background is transparent. Note that bitmaps have
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an alpha channel regardless of this setting, but when accessing and modifying a bitmap, alpha channels are discarded if this is not set. Optional; defaults to true.
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fillColor Initial color of the bitmap, if it s not transparent. Defaults to 0xFFFFFFFF (opaque white).
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Color values, in this chapter and elsewhere, are 32-bit uints written in hex notation, in ARGB order. For instance, 0xFF00CED1 is an opaque turquoise color. Its alpha value is 255 (0xFF), red value is 0 (0x0), green value is 206 (0xCE), and blue value is 209 (0xD1). Occasionally, the alpha value is left out, as in 0x00CED1. In this case, you can assume the alpha value is fully opaque, or 0xFF. To review hex notation and bit packing, refer to 7, Numbers, Math, and Dates, and 13, Binary Data and ByteArrays.
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The size of a bitmap is xed at construction time. You have to pick a size at the outset, and you can t change the size later on: you ll have to copy the bitmap data into a new, larger bitmap if you need to grow. These examples construct a variety of bitmaps:
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//create a 500x200 pixel empty, transparent bitmap var bmpRectangle:BitmapData = new BitmapData(500, 200); //create a 500x200 pixel opaque, red bitmap var bmpRectangle:BitmapData = new BitmapData(500, 200, false, 0xFFFF0000);
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Use the BitmapData constructor when you re creating bitmaps from scratch or existing display objects. Most of the time, you ll be lling in the bitmaps with your own contents before displaying them, so you can usually omit the ll color.
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Part VIII: Graphics Programming and Animation
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Creating Instances of Embedded Assets
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In 16, Working with DisplayObjects in Flash Professional, you saw how to embed bitmap symbols in a SWF. When linked with a class, these produce subclasses of BitmapData. When you want to use an embedded bitmap symbol as BitmapData, just instantiate the class. Because the asset class extends BitmapData, you have to use the BitmapData constructor, at minimum including the width and height parameters. However, you don t actually have to know the width and height of the embedded bitmap. You can pass 0, or any value, to the constructor, and the resulting BitmapData subclass will be the correct size, ignoring your arguments.
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//assuming your asset is linked to assets.FishingCatBitmap import assets.*; var bmp:BitmapData = new FishingCatBitmap(0, 0); trace(bmp.width, bmp.height); //400 400
When using assets embedded using the Flex SDK or the [Embed] metadata tag, you can skip this step outright. Images embedded with [Embed] are turned into subclasses of BitmapAsset, a core Flex class that extends Bitmap. This means that it can be added directly to the display list. You explored the differing base classes for imported assets in Example 27-4. You can always get the BitmapData out of the asset if you need; you ll see how to access a Bitmap s BitmapData shortly.
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