32: Playing Video in Java

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32: Playing Video
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all with a variety of features, licenses, and prices. If your large project is integrating with an OVP, this provider will likely have a player for you to use and customize, such as Brightcove s Brightcove Player. Finally, don t forget that some of the biggest sites that host video content may allow you to embed their player s SWF into your own to play content hosted on the site. For example, if you host video content on YouTube, you can bene t from using its familiar and capable video player (see http://bit.ly/youtube-embedding). It s important to realize that all these video players work slightly differently, support unique features, provide for various levels of customization, and integrate in their own way with your code. Plus, you can always write your own. It s not always an easy choice to make. If you re writing an application for which video isn t the primary use, you can probably exhale now, pick something free and simple, and move on.
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Open Source Media Framework
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As anyone following internet trends in the past few years knows, the growth of online video has big content owners scrambling to track and monetize their content. The relatively recent explosion of technology surrounding the delivery, tracking, and monetization of Flash video has transformed the business of developing a fully featured video player from simply annoying to ponderously complex. To paraphrase Will Law, to write a fully featured modern video player, you now have to be an expert at all of these: User interfaces, UX and design Dynamic streaming Playlist parsing Streaming and progressive delivery Content Delivery Network integration and authentication Ad network integration Tracking provider integration Social networking features Quality of Service reporting It s getting a bit out of hand. Furthermore, as you just saw, the ecosystem of competing video players is not only challenging to evaluate but dif cult to integrate with different providers for the features mentioned here. Thankfully, Adobe and Akamai are leading the way to provide you with one media player to rule them all. Together, they started the Open Source Media Framework project, a free and extensible ActionScript 3.0 media player framework and a set of plug-ins for it. Not surprisingly, the project aims to provide all the features just listed. I don t mean to sound evangelical, but as a developer I m as glad as anyone to download a free, open source, well-tested, extensible, and feature-rich video player; and the more developers that adopt the player, the more time that can be pooled to make that one player better rather than writing different versions of the same thing. You can read all about the project and download the player at http://opensourcemediaframework.com/. The OSMF code comes bundled with the latest Flex SDK and Flash Builder 4.
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Part VII: Sound and Video
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Implementing a Video Player
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Now that I ve told you never to write your own video player, let s write a video player! Whereas a novice can drop in a video player, an expert understands the underlying code. Flash video uses three principal classes: Video, NetConnection, and NetStream, which we ll go over now.
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I ve been primarily talking about Flash video in this chapter as opposed to embedded and camera sources but all types of video use the Video object. Its job is simply to display the video content. You use this class to get video in the display list, so naturally it extends DisplayObject. This simple fact that video is a rst-class display object is one of the powerful features of Flash Player. You can do with a Video what you can do with any DisplayObject: lter it, mask it, draw it to a bitmap, scale, translate, and rotate it, and in Flash Player 10, transform it in 3D space and apply shaders to it.
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Video s constructor optionally takes an initial size (width and height as ints). If you can match this
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up exactly to the size of the video source, you can avoid scaling, for sharp video and less CPU usage. Once created, you can attach different video sources to a Video object with these methods:
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attachCamera(camera:Camera) Start using the speci ed Camera as the video source. attachNetStream(netStream:NetStream) Start using the speci ed NetStream as
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the video source. Pass null to these methods to detach the current video source. Because Video is just a display class, it can t control the video stream it s displaying. You can, however, use it to toggle some quality options. You can use these properties to improve video appearance:
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smoothing When set to true, uses higher-quality scaling when the video is scaled, at the expense of some processor utilization. In Flash Player 9.0.115 and higher, when smoothing is on, video is mipmapped for especially nice-looking results when scaled down by powers of 2. deblocking For lower bit-rate video, you can use a deblocking algorithm to post-process
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