Part VII: Sound and Video in Java

Implementation EAN13 in Java Part VII: Sound and Video
Part VII: Sound and Video
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Stopping Playback
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package { import com.actionscriptbible.Example; import; import*; import; public class ch31ex2 extends Example { protected var activeSound:SoundChannel; protected var winterSong:Sound; public function ch31ex2() { //The Four Seasons: Winter [performance & recording in the public domain] //composed by Antonio Vivaldi, performed by the US Air Force Band winterSong = new Sound(); winterSong.load( new URLRequest(""), new SoundLoaderContext(5000, true) ); stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onClick); activeSound =; trace("Playing song..."); } protected function onClick(event:MouseEvent):void { if (activeSound) { activeSound.stop(); //it s that easy activeSound = null; trace("Stopped!"); } } } }
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After a SoundChannel is stopped, it s pretty much nished, and you can discard it. If you want to replay the sound, call play() on the Sound again, which creates a new SoundChannel. If you are streaming an audio le, you can also stop it from playing back by using the Sound object s clear() method. This not only causes the sound to stop, but it stops the download of the streamed audio le. If you want to play the sound again, you have to reinitiate the loading of the sound le before you can play it. In some cases, you ll want to quickly stop all audio playback. To handle this, you can use the nuclear option: SoundMixer.stopAll(). When you call this static method, all currently playing sounds are stopped immediately.
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31: Playing and Generating Sound
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Seeking and Looping
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You ve used the play() method several times now, but I haven t explored its parameters. By using the optional parameters of play(), you can do much more with a sound. The full signature for play() is
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function play(startTime:Number = 0, loops:int = 0, sndTransform:SoundTransform = null):SoundChannel
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Let s look at each of these parameters:
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startTime Determines the position of the playhead when the sound starts playing, in milliseconds. The default is 0; when you call play() with no arguments, the sound starts playing from the beginning.
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loops Determines how many times the sound plays. The default is again 0, which actually
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plays the sound once. Values higher than 1 loop the sound when it reaches its end. Because this argument is an int you can t pass in nity, but you can pass int.MAX_VALUE if you want the sound to loop almost forever.
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use .net upc code printing toprint universal product code version a for visual c#, 99); //play the song 99 times
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sndTransform Sets an initial SoundTransform to modify how the sound is mixed. Can also be set after the sound starts playing. I ll discuss how to use sound transforms in the section Applying Sound Transformations.
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All sound playback is achieved by sending different parameters to the play() method. I ll create some speci c examples in the following section.
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Fast-Forwarding, Rewinding, Pausing, and Restarting a Sound
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In this section, you build a simple audio player. With just the startTime parameter of the play() method and the position property of the SoundChannel class, you can create all the standard audio player controls you know and love. I ve already beaten play() and stop() to death with a stick. With fast-forward or rewind, the goal is to jump forward or backward from the currently playing portion of the sound. To do this, you use the position property to get the current playhead position, add or subtract some value to that, and then restart the song from the new position. Pausing a sound is almost the same. Because the stop() method causes the position to be lost, you just remember the playhead position at the time the user pauses. Later, when the song is resumed, you can use the value to pick up where you left off. Example 31-3 a simple sound player example with four buttons rewind, pause, play, and fast-forward that uses the position parameter in the play() method. There is also a text eld that shows the current position and the overall time in seconds.
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Part VII: Sound and Video
Creating Standard Audio Controls with Sound Methods
package { import flash.display.Sprite; import; import*; import*; import flash.text.*; public class ch31ex3 extends Sprite { protected var sound:Sound; protected var channel:SoundChannel; protected var lastPosition:Number; protected var positionTF:TextField; protected var isPaused:Boolean = false; protected const SEARCH_RATE:int = 2000; public function ch31ex3() { createChildren(); var songurl:String = ""; sound = new Sound(new URLRequest(songurl)); play(); } protected function createChildren():void { var txtFormat:TextFormat = new TextFormat("_typewriter", 14, 0); var controlsTF:TextField = new TextField(); controlsTF.defaultTextFormat = txtFormat; controlsTF.selectable = false; controlsTF.htmlText = <a href="event:rw"><<</a>\t + <a href="event:pause">||</a>\t<a href="event:ff">>></a> ; controlsTF.addEventListener(TextEvent.LINK, onControlClicked); addChild(controlsTF); positionTF = new TextField(); positionTF.defaultTextFormat = txtFormat; positionTF.x = controlsTF.textWidth + 15; addChild(positionTF); this.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, updatePositionDisplay); } public function play(position:int = 0):void { if (channel) channel.stop(); channel =; } public function rewind(event:Event = null):void { if (!channel) return; isPaused = false; lastPosition = channel.position - SEARCH_RATE; lastPosition = Math.max(0, lastPosition); play(lastPosition); } public function fastForward():void { if (!channel) return; isPaused = false; lastPosition = channel.position + SEARCH_RATE;