Embedding Sound with Flash Professional in Java

Deploy ean13+2 in Java Embedding Sound with Flash Professional
Embedding Sound with Flash Professional
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Of all methods, Flash Professional supports the most diverse input le formats and audio codecs, as well as the best control over transcoding quality. Table 31-1 lists the kinds of le that you can import. To embed sounds in a SWF with Flash and make them available to ActionScript, import the le to the Library as a Sound symbol, and assign it a linkage class name.
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TABLE 31-1
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Sound Files Supported for Import in Flash Professional
Format Platform/s Other requirements
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ASND WAV MP3 AIFF AU QuickTime movies Sound Designer II System 7 sounds
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Win/Mac Win/Mac Win/Mac Win/Mac Win/Mac Mac/Win Mac Mac QuickTime must be installed on Windows. QuickTime must be installed. QuickTime must be installed. QuickTime must be installed. QuickTime must be installed. QuickTime must be installed on Mac.
To embed a sound in a SWF with Flash and make it available to ActionScript, import the le to the Library as a Sound symbol, and assign it a linkage class name.
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1. Import the sound to the Library with File Import Import to Library. 2. Locate the sound symbol in the Library panel, select it, and choose Properties in the context
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menu. This opens the Sound Properties dialog, pictured in Figure 31-2.
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3. Make sure the Export for ActionScript box is checked. 4. Give the sound a fully quali ed class name; the class you specify here becomes a subclass of
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The Sound Properties panel also lets you customize how the sound is embedded by selecting a codec and customizing encoding options. This gives you excellent control over compression, letting you tweak the relationship between quality and le size. You can use the Test button to check the quality of the compressed audio. Encoding audio with Flash Professional is the only way to utilize the other audio codecs built into Flash Player beyond MP3.
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Part VII: Sound and Video
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The Sound Properties dialog, which provides sound export options
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Table 31-2 compares the audio codecs Flash Player contains. Some of these codecs have special purposes. Only codecs with Flash Pro listed as an encoder can be embedded with Flash Professional.
Embedding Sound with Flash Builder
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When using Flash Builder and other Flex SDK-based IDEs, you can embed sound data with the Embed metadata tag, which requires the location of the audio s source le. The Flex SDK compilers can only import and encode MP3s. Here s how you d embed Winter from Vivaldi s Four Seasons into the SWF as the Sound subclass WinterSong.
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[Embed(source="winter.mp3")] public var WinterSong:Class;
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The Flex SDK compilers don t provide encoding options with the Embed tag. The original MP3 data is used without transcoding.
31: Playing and Generating Sound
TABLE 31-2
Audio Codecs Supported for Embedded Sound Playback in Flash Player
Codec Notes Encoders Decoders
All-purpose, can be tuned for high delity as well as high compression. You d be pretty insane to use this. Use for shorter clips. Use for speech. Use for speech; only produced when recording from Microphone in FP. Embedded in video streams.
Flash Pro, Flex SDK
Flash Player 9+
Uncompressed ( Raw ) ADPCM Nellymoser ( Speech ) Speex
Flash Pro Flash Pro Flash Pro, Flash Player 9+ Flash Player 10+
Flash Player 9+ Flash Player 9+ Flash Player 9+ Flash Player 10+
Flash Player 9.0.115
Accessing Embedded Sounds
Regardless of which method you use to embed sound, to utilize the embedded sounds in your code, simply instantiate the class that the sound is embedded in to create a new Sound object. In this case, you re using a sound whose class was called WinterSong. This class, when initialized, already holds the proper audio data.
//if you re pulling the Class definition dynamically, use something like: var WinterSong:Class = Class(getDefinitionByName("assets.WinterSong")); var sound:Sound = new WinterSong(); sound.play();
Controlling Sound Playback
After you ve red off an audio stream from a Sound object, you can control its playback. Remember that the handle for an active audio channel is the SoundChannel object returned by calling play() on a Sound.
Playing and Stopping
If you re sick of the sound you ve chosen to play(), you can stop() it just as easily. Just call the stop() method on the SoundChannel object. This stops the audio and resets its playhead to zero rewinds it. Example 31-2 modi es the Vivaldi player to stop playing when it detects a click.