Choosing a File in Java

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Choosing a File
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Before you load or upload a le, you have to pick one out. As I just said, to select a le, create an empty FileReference and ask the user to associate it with a real le by calling browse(). When you call browse() with no parameters, it opens a new browse dialog box from which the user can select a le.
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By default, the browse dialog box displays all le types. If you want to simplify the le picker, you can show only les of the correct types by passing an array of FileFilter objects to browse(). For example, if the user just clicked a button to upload a photo, you might want to only show JPEG, PNG, RAW, TIFF, or CR2 les. Or if you know the back end can only deal with JPEGs, great only show JPEGs! One FileFilter object describes each desired set of le types, not merely a single le type. You d usually do this for a whole class of related le types. If you provide multiple FileFilters, the user will get his choice of classes of les. The FileFilter constructor takes the following parameters, which may also be changed after creation:
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description A human-readable description of the class of les, like "Source code files" or "Photos". extension A list of le extensions that match this class of le, as a String. Include the
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wildcard and period in each extension, and separate each one with a semicolon, as in:
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macType Optionally, a list of Mac four-character le type codes, again as a semicolondelimited String. You can probably safely ignore this now. Years ago, OS X began using le extensions instead of the creator and type codes.
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Here s an example that opens a browse dialog box with two options. One lter displays only JPEG,
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GIF, and PNG images, and the second lter displays only QuickTime movies.
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30: File Access
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fileToUpload.browse([ new FileFilter("Image Files", "*.jpg;*.gif;*.png"), new FileFilter("Quicktime Movies", "*.mov") ]);
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The FileReferenceList class also de nes a browse() method that uses identical syntax to the FileReference method of the same name. The only difference is that the browse dialog box opened from a FileReferenceList object allows the user to select more than one le.
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Determining When a File Is Selected
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Calling browse() causes the browse dialog box to open. However, it doesn t guarantee that the user will select a le. The browse dialog box has two buttons from which the user can select: Open and Cancel. If the user selects Cancel, the browse dialog box closes without selected les being sent to Flash Player. In that case, you should know better than to go ahead with any le operations that depend on the FileReference. Both FileReference and FileReferenceList objects dispatch Event.SELECT and Event.CANCEL events when the user clicks the Open and Cancel buttons, respectively. Example 30-1 illustrates how these events work. When the user clicks the browse les text, the application launches a browse dialog box. Watch to see what the user will do. EXAMPLE 30-1
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Prompting the User to Select a File
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package { import com.actionscriptbible.Example; import*; import*; public class ch30ex1 extends Example { public function ch30ex1() { var fileReference:FileReference = new FileReference(); fileReference.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, onSelect); fileReference.addEventListener(Event.CANCEL, onCancel); var btn:TestButton = new TestButton(100, 25, "Browse"); addChild(btn); btn.x = btn.y = 20; btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, function(event:MouseEvent):void { fileReference.browse([ new FileFilter("All Files", "*"), new FileFilter("Images", "*.png;*.jpg") ]); }); trace("\n\n\n"); } private function onSelect(event:Event):void { var fileReference:FileReference = FileReference(;
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Part VI: External Data
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var extension:String =\.\w+$/)[0]; trace("So you like " + extension + "s, huh "); } private function onCancel(event:Event):void { trace("What, you don t like files "); } } } import flash.display.*; import flash.text.*; class TestButton extends Sprite { public var label:TextField; public function TestButton(w:Number, h:Number, labelText:String) { graphics.lineStyle(0.5, 0, 0, true); graphics.beginFill(0xa0a0a0); graphics.drawRoundRect(0, 0, w, h, 8); label = new TextField(); addChild(label); label.defaultTextFormat = new TextFormat("_sans", 11, 0, true, false, false, null, null, "center"); label.width = w; label.height = h; label.text = labelText; label.y = (h - label.textHeight)/2 - 2; buttonMode = true; mouseChildren = false; } }