Using SharedObject for locally shared objects is painless in ActionScript 3.0. in Java

Creation EAN-13 Supplement 5 in Java Using SharedObject for locally shared objects is painless in ActionScript 3.0.
Using SharedObject for locally shared objects is painless in ActionScript 3.0.
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SharedObjects give you a decent amount of storage.
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Local SharedObjects are comparable to browser cookies but have more persistence, security, and size, and they require no bridge to JavaScript. Storing information on a server is, in most cases, more secure and more appropriate for media or other large data.
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SharedObjects are tied to an account on a computer rather than an actual user.
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You can share information in a SharedObject between SWFs in different locations on the same domain by constructing an appropriate localPath argument.
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Part VI: External Data
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You can create local shared objects that are used only in SWFs hosted from secure connections. The user ultimately has control over the available size for shared objects. When requesting more data than is available, the user is prompted. You can nd out whether prompts to expand the available SharedObject size were successful. You can store custom classes in SharedObject instances with registerClassAlias() and, if necessary, IExternalizable.
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File Access
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lash Player can help your users connect their content with the rest of the world. With a good le API, you empower users to share their video, images, audio, and documents; to generate or receive receipts, maps, and shopping lists; and even to edit, post-process, or mash up songs or videos.
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Abilities of the File API
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The le management abilities of Flash Player have evolved over time, so different versions of Flash Player support different operations. Uploading les to the web via an HTTP post and saving les to the user s system from an HTTP request are supported in Flash Player 9 and up. Opening local les, accessing their content as a ByteArray, and saving content from Flash Player directly into a le on the user s system are supported in Flash Player 10 and up. The AIR runtime includes even more detailed control over les, such as a stream interface to les, le-browsing components, and scripted access to les. I won t cover AIR runtime features here. Any time you deal with les in Flash Player, the user is prompted to select a le or destination with a standard system dialog box. At no time can Flash Player open or save a le on its own accord. Nor can ActionScript code browse through the lesystem at will, even if the user is doing just that. Control is passed entirely away from ActionScript while the user con rms le actions.
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Introducing FileReference
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All le access in Flash Player starts at the FileReference class. Not only can a FileReference represent a reference to a le on the user s system, providing access to its attributes and (sometimes) contents, but it controls asynchronous operations like saving and loading those les.
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Part VI: External Data
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A FileReference doesn t start out associated with a given le. Typically, you create an empty FileReference and then, using methods it provides, you prompt the user for the actual le it should refer to. Once the user makes her choice, it dispatches an event, and the object is set. Because a FileReference starts out empty, you can create your own FileReference objects with its argument-less constructor:
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var fileToUpload:FileReference = new FileReference();
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What you do next with the reference depends on which le operation you re interested in. If you were to upload a le or load its contents into memory, you d prompt the user to pick an existing le rst, by calling browse(). Then, once the FileReference is associated with a le, you d call upload() or load(). If you were to download a le or save bytes in memory down to a le, you d again prompt the user for a destination le, this time with the download() or save() methods. Alternatively, if you want the user to be able to select many les at once, you can use a
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FileReferenceList object. Just instantiate the object, and again call browse(). Once the user chooses one or more les, her FileReferences are stored in the fileList parameter.
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