Part VI: External Data in Java

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Part VI: External Data
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The input and output stream interfaces, IDataInput and IDataOutput, should be familiar from ByteArray, which also implements them (see 13, Binary Data and Byte Arrays ).
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If you want to write a client for some service in ActionScript 3.0, it s best to do a thorough search online to see if there is already a client whether completed, under development, or abandoned that you could use. There s no need to reinvent the wheel unless you have a good reason to. Of course, I give you my unconditional approval to write a client just to help you learn sockets!
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You should also be aware that connecting to a service can be a security threat. You or whoever controls the service has to speci cally allow access from Flash Player clients, on a domain-by-domain basis, with a crossdomain.xml le. For more information, see progAS3 security. If you decide to implement a common service that uses TCP/IP, chances are you will nd an exhaustive description of its protocol as a Request For Comment (RFC). Several sites provide access to these public documents; simply search for RFC and the name of the protocol, and you re likely to nd it. These are the universal steps to socket programming and how to achieve them with Socket: Connect to a service Specify the server s domain name or IP address, and the port, to the
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Socket s connect() method. Listen for the Socket to dispatch an Event.CONNECT event,
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con rming the connection is established. At any time, you can check whether the socket is connected by checking the value of the Boolean property connected. Send data As long as you re connected to the server, you can send data at will using
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IDataOutput methods. The protocol itself speci es how to communicate discrete messages to the server for example, a null byte or two line endings after each command. As far as the
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socket is concerned, you re just sending and receiving bytes. Receive data You have to be connected to read data from the stream, but of course, the server must have sent some stuff for you to be able to read any stuff. You can read and react to the data immediately, which is the normal operating procedure, or you can go ahead and leave the data in the buffer until you are ready for it. New data coming down the pipe from the server will accumulate. Like any input stream implementing IDataInput, Socket exposes a bytesAvailable implicit accessor (property) that tells you how much data there is to read. Furthermore, Socket dispatches ProgressEvent.SOCKET_DATA events as data is received, so you don t always have to be checking. Disconnect When you re done with the session, make sure to terminate the socket connection. This is pretty easy: just call close() on the Socket. Not closing a socket you re done with is not only lazy but downright irresponsible! Keep in mind that either party can terminate a socket connection; the server may hang up on you at will. Be sure to listen for this with the Event.CLOSE event. And that s all there is to it! The socket programming API is terribly easy, although conforming to the protocol of a given service may not be. Let s create a partial HTTP client of your own in Example 28-3, by using sockets.
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28: Communicating with Remote Services
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Using Sockets
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package { import com.actionscriptbible.Example; import; import; import; public class ch28ex3 extends Example { protected var sock:Socket; public function ch28ex3():void { sock = new Socket("", 80); //http uses port 80 sock.addEventListener(Event.CONNECT, onConnected); sock.addEventListener(Event.CLOSE, onClosed); sock.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.SOCKET_DATA, onSocketData); } protected function onConnected(event:Event):void { //make a GET request. HTTP requests end in two newlines. var request:String = "GET /files/hand.xml HTTP/1.1\n" + "Host:\n\n"; sock.writeUTFBytes(request); } protected function onSocketData(event:ProgressEvent):void { //we got some data... let s just let it fill up the buffer //and wait for the server to disconnect! } protected function onClosed(event:Event):void { var response:String = sock.readUTFBytes(sock.bytesAvailable); trace(response); } } }
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This example is far from an actual HTTP client; it merely shows enough understanding of the HTTP protocol to make a request for a le, get at the data the server returns, and close the connection.
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