Rethrowing Exceptions in Java

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Rethrowing Exceptions
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If the baseball analogy holds true, you can also pass the ball: catch it and throw it to another teammate. If you catch an exception and determine, by examining the id of the Error, perhaps, that a higher authority needs to handle the exception, you can rethrow the same Error object that was
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24: Errors and Exceptions
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passed to you in the rst place. This puts the exception back in the ow up the call stack, as you can see in the following snippet:
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try { try { throw new Error(); } catch (error:Error) { trace("inner handler"); throw error; } } catch (error:Error) { trace("outer handler"); } //inner handler //outer handler
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Errors Generated by Flash Player
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In ActionScript 3.0, many of the built-in methods throw exceptions to signal errors. This is a godsend because it helps you track down bugs immediately as they surface. If you don t handle them you are alerted via the uncaught exception handler (the error dialog box or debugger). You can catch these errors in the same way you catch any other exception. Wrap the potentially error-causing code and any dependent code in a try block, and create catch blocks for the kinds of errors that may arise. A common time to generate errors is when downcasting objects. If you try to convert a type to an incompatible type using an explicit cast, a TypeError exception is thrown:
var displayObject:DisplayObject; var object:Object = "Definitely Not a Display Object"; try { displayObject = DisplayObject(object); } catch (error:TypeError) { trace("Incompatible cast!"); displayObject = new Sprite(); } addChild(displayObject);
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In this case, an incompatible cast would recover by creating a new, empty Sprite to add to the display list. This way, the code can continue executing. To nd out what kinds of exceptions a given method can throw, look up its de nition in the ActionScript 3.0 Language Reference, and look for the Throws header. The documentation includes all exceptions that each method can throw, and descriptions of the errors. An exhaustive list would be dif cult to reproduce here and of little use. However, Table 24-1 lists quite a few common exceptions.
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Part V: Error Handling
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TABLE 24-1
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Built-In Exception Types
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Exception Type Description Potential Cause and Notes
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Base exception type.
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Custom errors without custom subclasses. Not abstract; can be used for actual errors. Any call to eval(), which is provided for ECMAScript compatibility but not implemented. Converting numeric types, getting display object children at invalid indices, creating Arrays of invalid sizes, writing bytes as characters when they are not in the range of acceptable characters, and so on. Looking up a property that doesn t exist on a sealed class. Usually compiler catches syntax errors, but they can arise with invalid RegExps. The type of an argument is incompatible with the expected type, as a parameter to a function, operator, assignment, and so on. Common in methods with variable argument lists or exibly typed arguments such as Object or *. Occurs when function does its own validation manually. When access is denied to a URL, server, or system hardware, either by the security sandbox or the user. Attempting to load a corrupt SWF into the program. When reading more bytes than are available from a URLStream, ByteArray, or Socket.
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Errors in eval().
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A number is out of the valid range.
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ReferenceError SyntaxError TypeError
Attempt to access an unde ned property of an object. Code is not syntactically valid. Mismatched types.
Error with arguments passed to a function.
Violation of Flash Player s security policy. Malformed SWF encountered. Attempted to read beyond the end of the stream/ le.
VerifyError flash.error.EOFError
24: Errors and Exceptions
Exception Type
Potential Cause and Notes
flash.error .IllegalOperationError
A method call exists but is not supported.
Calling certain DisplayObjectContainer methods on stage, FileReference methods called in the wrong order, Accessibility methods are called when the SWF is not compiled with accessibility support, and so on. Can happen to any network access, because networks are inherently unreliable. Requesting more memory than can be addressed. More common on embedded devices where addresses might be shorter. When more memory is requested than is available, a different error (#1000) is thrown. The script timeout duration can be written into the SWF. By default, it is 15 seconds. Can be caught only once; otherwise, it is an uncatchable error. A recursive function is probably not reaching the intended end conditions and recurses in nitely.