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You ll see the trace() function used continually throughout the book. This simply prints out what you tell it to. How it prints out depends on how you run the code. In Flash Builder or Flex Builder, you should see this output in the console when you debug the project. In Flash Professional, you should see it in the Output window when you test the movie. When running the examples from their provided URLs, the output should appear on-screen. However it prints out, trace() is used in examples to illustrate what is going on. In most examples, I ve put what should be the output next to the trace() statement in a comment. This way, you can read along without running the code. Read on for more information about functions and comments.
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Constants in This Changing World
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ActionScript 3.0 has a special kind of variable called a constant. Constants de ne values that don t change during the course of your program. This is great for values that either never change by nature or that you want to protect from change. For example, if you wanted to store the boiling point of water in Fahrenheit, and you assume that nobody s going to take your program to high altitudes, you could write the following:
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const BOILING_POINT:int = 212;
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As you can see, this looks a lot like a variable declaration but with the var keyword replaced by const. Constant statements can be de ned only at the beginning of a class with the other properties or in the constructor for a class. Attempting to assign a new value to a constant anywhere else will result in an error. Constants are used extensively in the Flash Player API, especially in the flash.errors and packages. By convention, constant names are written in all caps with words separated by underscores.
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Taking It Literally
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Aside from variables and values returned from functions, you will use literals in your code. The term literal refers to any value that is explicitly included in the code at the time it s compiled. It offers a
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2: ActionScript 3.0 Language Basics
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convenience when dealing with complex data types. Following are the different types of literals you can include directly in your code: Numeric values like 98.6, -100, 0xff, and 6.02e23 Boolean values true and false Strings written with single or double quotes, like "Lorem ipsum" The empty value null, the unde ned value undefined, and the non-number NaN Array literals that use square brackets, such as ["Monday", "Wednesday", "Friday"] Generic objects de ned using the curly bracket syntax such as {name:"Lovefoxx",
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Regular expressions enclosed in forward slashes, as in /href="(.+ )"/ Elements written in XML such as <menu><item id="bacon" label="Press to
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Receive Bacon"/></menu>
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You can nd much more about these literals in the chapters on their respective data types.
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I recommend that you avoid using literals frequently in your code, because they can be dif cult to track and change. If you use the same literal a few times, de ne a variable or constant with the literal value and use that instead! If you wanted to change this program from Fahrenheit to Celsius, you d have to change 212 in multiple places:
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if (temp > 212) flame.level = temp = 212; } else { flame.level = while (temp < temp = temp } flame.level = } { 0;
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10; 212) { + 1; 2;
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However, use a constant, and you only have to change one value:
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const BOILING_POINT = 100; if (temp > BOILING_POINT) { flame.level = 0; temp = BOILING_POINT; } else { flame.level = 10; while (temp < BOILING_POINT) { temp = temp + 1; } flame.level = 2; }
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As a side effect, your code becomes more self-explanatory. You could even use FLAME_MAX instead of 10 and FLAME_OFF instead of 0.
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