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The Bare Essentials
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At its most basic, the grammar of ActionScript 3.0 is a series of statements and organizational structures. You write code in a plaintext le, optionally using spaces, tabs, and newlines as desired to improve readability. ActionScript code is kept in ActionScript les, generally called class les because they generally contain one public class. These are plaintext les that you edit in your text editor or IDE, as discussed in 1, Introducing ActionScript 3.0. The naming and organization of these les depend on their package structure, which you ll learn about in 4, Object Oriented Programming.
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When using ActionScript 3.0 within Flash Professional, in addition to using class les, you can add code to a timeline. This is a separate way to edit code that doesn t require external les. I won t cover this technique here.
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Usually, you ll write ActionScript code one line at a time. Each line is a single statement, and it s like a sentence in written or spoken language. After every sentence in written English, you use a period. After every statement in ActionScript,
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Part I: ActionScript 3.0 Language Basics
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you use a semicolon. In some cases, the compiler is lenient and can gure out that you re starting a new statement without the use of a semicolon, but it s good practice to always end your statements with a semicolon and a newline. Here s an example of three statements:
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startTime = new Date(); var msElapsed:Number = endTime.time - startTime.time; var hoursElapsed:Number = msElapsed / 1000 / 60 / 60;
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Every statement here is like a sentence. You don t have to be able to understand this code just yet, but check out how each line does one thing, goes on its own line, and ends with a semicolon. The rst line creates a new Date object. The second line calculates the number of milliseconds difference between this date and another date. The third line calculates the same gure in hours. Expressions are a big part of most statements. All three lines in the example contain expressions. An expression is a piece of code that can be evaluated. For example, a simple expression is 1+1. It has multiple parts, but it can be turned into one value 2, of course through a simple evaluation. Expressions can contain combinations of operators (introduced in the section Connecting You to an Operator ), assignments, and function calls (introduced in 3, Methods and Functions ). To be evaluated, the operators are applied to their operands, the values are assigned, and the functions are executed. The results of these actions are substituted over and over until the expression is a single value. In ActionScript 3.0, code is also organized into blocks. A block of code is one or more statements enclosed in curly braces. Following is a useless block of code:
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{ 1 + 1; "I am " + "a banana!"; var x:Number = Math.round(Math.PI); }
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Blocks group together related code and create local scopes for the creation of variables. The bodies of functions, classes, and packages are all contained in blocks. Usually you don t just create blocks by themselves as in the previous example (although you can), but the block is a natural part of another construct like a function or a loop. The term whitespace refers to any spacing put in your code. This can take the form of spaces, tabs, or newlines. Extra whitespace is utterly ignored by the compiler, and only a bare minimum is required for the compiler to gure out what you mean, so you can include as little or as much whitespace as you like. Style conventions tell you how you should space out your code, though no one set of conventions is correct. You can follow the conventions I use in examples, a different conventional style, or even make up your own style. What s most important is that you stay consistent. The following two statements are equivalent:
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phoneBook.callFriends(["Alice","Bob","Charlie"]); phoneBook . callFriends( [ "Alice", "Bob", "Charlie" ] );
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