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A word about the use of the word Flex in product names: Flash Builder 4 is the successor to Flex Builder 3. Both of these tools can be equally well used to build either Flash or Flex applications, which the change of name is meant to emphasize. You ll also see the term Flex in the Flex SDK. The truth is that the Flex SDK bundles all you ll need to compile and package Flash, Flex, and AIR applications.
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In Short
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Let s quickly put back together the programmer s experience with the Flash Platform, in a typical example. You open your IDE, Flash Builder. You start writing code in the ActionScript 3.0 language and use classes from the Flash Player API. You choose Run from the menu, and Flash Builder builds and runs your program, compiling all your ActionScript 3.0 code into a SWF and opening that SWF in Flash Player.
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A User s Perspective
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One of the biggest bene ts of programming for the Flash Platform is that your content can be easily run in so many places for so many users. The two runtimes, Flash Player and AIR, are widely supported on multiple platforms.
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A runtime is an environment in which a program executes. The runtime provides all the services necessary to do the things that the API promised were available. In the Flash Player API, you can create an instance of Camera to gain access to a connected webcam; the Flash Player runtime has to deal with the potentially complex task of nding the connected hardware and pulling a video stream from
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Part I: ActionScript 3.0 Language Basics
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it. In ActionScript 3.0 and the Flash Player API, you can programmatically draw graphics; it s up to the Flash Player runtime to render those graphics and work with the operating system to display them on-screen. I ve mentioned two runtimes: AIR and Flash Player. AIR, because it s a runtime made for desktop applications, contains additional capabilities, such as rendering web pages and spawning new windows in the user s operating system. Another runtime in the Flash universe, Flash Lite, is a somewhat dated environment for mobile and embedded devices. It doesn t support ActionScript 3.0, so I won t waste time on it. I ll only cover the Flash Player runtime here.
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Platforms and Platform Independence
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A platform is considered a combination of the hardware and operating system in use. More specifically, it is the instruction set of the CPU that matters to the platform, although these are mostly standardized. Users who want to run Flash content (stuff made with ActionScript 3.0 and the Flash Player API) must be able to run Flash Player on their platform. At the time of writing, Flash Player 10 is supported on PCs with x86 processors running Windows 98 and up; Macs with PowerPC (G3, G4) or Intel processors running OS X 10.4 and up; PCs with x86 processors running several avors of Linux including Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu; and systems with x86 or SPARC processors running Solaris 10. Notably, at the time of writing, 64-bit processors are not supported, but commercially used 64-bit processors have no problem running in 32-bit mode, so I can still use Flash Player on my desktop s screaming Core i7 processor (which may be stone age by the time you read this). Also, at the time of writing, Flash Player 10.1 is planned to roll out on multiple mobile devices, including the latest Android OS and Palm webOS. In addition, there are other exotic Flash Player runtimes for platforms. For example, a PlayStation 3 with updated rmware has a Flash Player runtime on par with Flash Player 9. In any case, that whole paragraph just means this: almost everyone can get access to the Flash Player runtime. One of the great things about the Flash Platform is that it s platform independent. It doesn t matter what kind of computer you use to compile your program: the resulting SWF le is completely indifferent to where it was born and where it s going. It s simply a binary le, and anyone who knows how to read and interpret it may do so, just like, say, a JPG image le. The other component of platform independence is that it doesn t matter what platform your user is on; users on different platforms are able to run the same SWF and see the same outcome. This model of platform independence is just the same as Java s. Once Java code is compiled, it can be sent anywhere and run on any platform that is, any platform where a Java Runtime Environment is available. Contrast this with traditional software development or game development, where a product is made for one platform and must be signi cantly reprogrammed or, at minimum, recompiled to be available on another platform. And considering that Flash content is widely distributed on the internet, the bene t of platform independence is clear. As the programmer, you don t want to have to make one SWF for every platform, and the users don t want to have to choose their platform every time they view a web page with Flash content.
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