Input TextFields in Java

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Input TextFields
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When you want to accept text input from a user, there s just one way to go, and that s an input TextField. Input TextFields are also TextField instances. They can do all the things you ve seen, but the end user can only type into an input TextField.
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The Three Kinds of Text Fields
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Flash Player has three basic kinds of text elds. In the next chapter, you ll see that there are other text layout and display facilities when using the Flash Text Engine. For now, let s quickly review the three basic types. The kind of text eld you ve seen so far has been a dynamic TextField. Dynamic TextFields can be controlled by ActionScript code. You can read and set their contents, display them with embedded or device fonts, and manipulate and interact with them in all the ways seen here. Input TextFields are used for user input. They are also instances of flash.text.TextField. They add the ability to accept keyboard input. The third kind I haven t discussed here are static text elds. These are text elds that ActionScript does not control. They can only be created by SWF authoring tools like Flash Professional. If your SWF is built with Flash or you ve loaded an external SWF, using ActionScript, you can nd these static text elds on the display list. They are instances of flash.text.StaticText, not TextField, so none of the properties and methods I ve discussed here apply to them. Because they extend DisplayObject, you can move, scale, rotate, and reparent them; furthermore, you can get their text with the read-only text property, but that s all. You differentiate between the two kinds of TextField instances using the type property.
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17: Text, Styles, and Fonts
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Making a TextField an Input Field
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To change a new or existing dynamic text eld to an input text eld, simply set its type property to the constant TextFieldType.INPUT. Once you ve done that, you ve got an input TextField. Any text that you specify will appear at the beginning of the eld and will be editable by the user. To set the type to a dynamic text eld, use the constant TextFieldType.DYNAMIC. This is the default for all new TextField instances.
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var tf:TextField = new TextField(); tf.type = TextFieldType.INPUT; tf.text = "Enter your name here"; tf.border = true; addChild(tf);
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As soon as the user begins typing in your input TextField, he adds onto the original text. As you learn more capabilities of input text elds, we ll build up a more complicated example that is just what you d use in a form.
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Restricting User Input
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What if you want to control the characters that a user can put into a TextField If you were to have a TextField in which your users enter their phone numbers, you would want to prevent them from entering letters. You can do this using the restrict property of the TextField. When you set the restrict characters property, it restricts keyboard input only; ActionScript code may still put any text into the text eld. The restrict property is set to a string that enumerates the characters that may be typed into the TextField. For example:
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var textField:TextField = new TextField(); textField.type = TextFieldType.INPUT; textField.restrict = "abc"; addChild(textField);
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This code only allows the letters a, b, or c to be typed into the eld, although the user can type them in any combination, frequency, or order. Allow a range of characters by using a hyphen:
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textField.restrict = "0-9";
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The preceding code allows all numbers and nothing else. The next snippet of code allows all numbers and uppercase letters from A to F, which would be handy if you were trying to keep your text eld to valid hexadecimal colors.
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textField.restrict = "0-9A-F";
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If you d rather specify the illegal characters than the legal ones, use the caret (^), which marks anything succeeding it as disallowed and anything preceding it as acceptable:
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textField.restrict = "^4";
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