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Don t forget that Flash Player has to draw the text you request in the font it s set to use, so if you re using a device font, the user s system must have an acceptable system font that includes that glyph, or if you re using an embedded font, that glyph must be embedded. These days, most system fonts include a large subset of Unicode, so using device fonts is a pretty good bet.
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Text with HTML and CSS
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Good news: you can use HTML and CSS in your TextFields. Bad news: only limited subsets of HTML and CSS are supported, and those parts that are supported do not always behave correctly. By no means should you feed a TextField HTML designed for web browsers and expect it to render correctly! That said, if you use the capabilities provided with their limitations in mind, it can be quite helpful. When you use HTML in a TextField, all you have to do is set the eld s htmlText property instead of its text property. That s it! Interestingly, you can still use the text property even when you have HTML displayed inside the TextField. This simply returns the text sans tags, which can be useful.
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HTML Support in TextField
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Following is a list of HTML tags supported by Flash Player. I won t bore you with what these tags do, but if there s something speci c about how Flash Player handles them, I ll mention it. If you d like a refresher on HTML, try w3schools (, whose tutorials cut right to the chase.
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<a> Does not automatically underline links, but that can be done with CSS. <b> A bold typeface must be available for the font used. <br> The text eld must be multiline. <font> Supports the attributes face, size, and color. <img> Embeds JPEG, PNG, and even SWF les. Covered in depth in the next section. <i> An italic typeface must be available for the font used. <li> Because Flash Player does not recognize ordered and unordered list tags (<ol> and <ul>), all lists are unordered and drawn with bullets.
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17: Text, Styles, and Fonts
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<p> The text eld must be multiline. Flash Player can be stubborn with newlines, <p> tags, and <br> tags, so be careful. <span> Only the class attribute is supported, not style. <textformat> Much like <span>, applies TextFormat formatting instead of CSS formatting to the contained text. Supports a subset of TextFormat attributes; others are controlled by other HTML tags like <font>. I cover this in greater detail later in the chapter. <u> Works as expected.
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Although no other tags are supported, unsupported tags will be ignored, so you can still use them if you re trying to repurpose HTML text for both the browser and Flash Player. Furthermore, as in older browsers, XHTML tags will be interpreted like their HTML equivalents, so you can use those too. Flash Player supports only a subset of named HTML entities. Example 17-4 illustrates all of them.
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HTML Entities
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var tf:TextField = new TextField(); tf.htmlText = "< > & " '"; trace(tf.text); //< > & "
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Finally, note that when you retrieve HTML text from a TextField, it s not always the same as the HTML you put in. As Flash Player goes through the TextField and gures out how to display all the text, it changes your HTML to its own representation, which you will get back. Mostly you ll notice that your styles are inlined and converted into TextFormats and font tags.
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Adding Images or SWF Files to a TextField with <img>
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The <img> tag that you may know from HTML can embed images or SWF les in Flash Player. If you re going to embed SWF les, you can use a few additional properties. Let s walk through the attributes of the <img> tag.
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