Setting a TextField s Scaling and Rotation in Java

Embed EAN / UCC - 13 in Java Setting a TextField s Scaling and Rotation
Setting a TextField s Scaling and Rotation
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Both scaling and rotation are behaviors inherited from DisplayObject. But both behave in unexpected ways when used with TextFields that contain device fonts. You ll learn about device fonts and embedded fonts and how they behave when rotated in the section Fonts. Otherwise, simply use the rotation, scaleX, and scaleY properties inherited from DisplayObject that you learned about in 14, Visual Programming with the Display List.
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Wrapping Text
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In Example 17-2, you saw text that spilled over to a second line. With the TextField class, you can make sure your text stays all on one line or allow it to use multiple lines, as shown in Example 17-3. Furthermore, you can choose whether those lines should wrap automatically or whether new lines only appear in response to newline characters in the text. These two properties are controlled with the logically named multiline and wordWrap properties.
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EXAMPLE 17-3 Web Pages upc - 13 integrated for .net
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Text on Multiple Lines
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package { import flash.display.Sprite; import; import flash.text.TextField; import flash.text.TextFieldAutoSize; public class ch17ex3 extends Sprite { protected const TEXT:String = "Ernest Rutherford, (1871 1937) was a \ New Zealand-born chemist and physicist who fathered nuclear physics."; public function ch17ex3() { var singlelinetf:TextField = newTF(); singlelinetf.multiline = false;
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17: Text, Styles, and Fonts
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var multilinetf:TextField = newTF(); multilinetf.multiline = true; multilinetf.wordWrap = false; var wraptf:TextField = newTF(); wraptf.multiline = true; wraptf.wordWrap = true; } protected function newTF():TextField { var tf:TextField = new TextField(); tf.border = true; tf.width = 300; tf.height = 40; tf.text = TEXT; tf.y = 60 * numChildren; tf.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onClick); addChild(tf); return tf; } protected function onClick(event:MouseEvent):void { var tf:TextField = TextField(; tf.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.LEFT; } } }
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This example shows that only with multiline and wordWrap both set to true do lines of text wrap automatically. You can click the TextFields to turn on auto sizing, which demonstrates that when text wrapping is on, the TextField grows in height and wraps instead of simply growing as wide as necessary to accommodate the line.
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Note that if you have newline characters in the text, they display new lines regardless of the multiline setting. The multiline setting is more useful for input text elds, where it stops the user from adding new lines with the Enter or Return key.
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Preventing User Selection
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I don t know about you, but one of my pet peeves is when I m able to select the text of things like menus and preloaders that I would otherwise be normally or habitually clicking without any desire to copy that text those clicks would be interpreted as selection events and select the menu item or preloader copy instead. On the other hand, another pet peeve of mine is that in so many uses of Flash, I can t copy text that I want to, like the address or phone number of a restaurant (infuriating!) or a quote from a conversation or article. Well, you can avoid the unbridled wrath of myself and your other users by controlling whether your text can be selected on each TextField. Simply use the selectable property, which accepts true or false. Easy!
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Part III: The Display List
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Displaying Multilingual Text and Symbols
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Remember from 6, Text, Strings, and Characters, that Flash Player is delightfully Unicode-compliant. You can include any Unicode text in your TextFields in the same way that you add any text to a TextField, as long as it s encoded with UTF-8. If you want to avoid non-ASCII text in your source les or the interface you re loading your text from, you can use an escape sequence with the Unicode code for the non-ASCII characters. You can nd a list of all Unicode escape sequences at You can nd other references by searching for Unicode characters list. If you want to use the Greek letter delta, simply type this:
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txt.text = "The greek letter delta looks like so: \u0395";
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