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Number of Display Objects
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Another simple rule of thumb is that the more display objects you have on stage, the longer a frame takes to render. In reality, the complexity of these display objects determines performance more than their numbers. In particle systems and other applications with high DisplayObject counts, culling particles as soon as they become invisible or leave the screen can keep the effects in check. First and foremost, though, make sure the display objects are as simple as possible.
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Alpha, Blend Modes, Masking, and Filters
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Leaving large areas of a display object lled but transparent forces Flash Player to composite pixels that don t actually appear. Sometimes it can t be avoided, but where it can, you should minimize transparent areas. Also, fully opaque display objects render faster than those with partial transparency using the alpha property. Blend modes should perform comparably overall, except for Pixel Bender blend modes, and the
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BlendMode.LAYER mode, which is discussed later in the section.
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Vector masks must be rasterized, so keep them simple. If a mask must be made large to achieve an effect, consider the BlendMode.REVEAL blend mode instead. Filters are computationally expensive and sensitive to the size of the display object being ltered. Thankfully, you can control the quality of most BitmapFilters. Make sure you strike a balance between the desired quality and the rendering speed, and when possible, avoid applying lters to large objects. See 36 for more about lters.
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Part III: The Display List
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The anti-aliasing type used on dynamic text elds, covered in 17, has a huge impact on how fast they render. In Flash Player 10 and later, bitmap text is rendered by the host OS and might alleviate some of the load on Flash Player s rendering pipeline, but using bitmap text is not always an option. Be aware that a display object might be costly to render not just if it is text, but if it contains text nested inside it.
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Bitmaps, Vectors, and Bitmap Caching
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Much of Flash Player s early success is attributable to its ability to render vector graphics well. Vector graphics have the advantage of being highly compressible and retaining quality when they are scaled up. This quality, however, comes at a high cost to the CPU, because you must rasterize them, or turn them into pixels, to draw them on the screen. If you compare drawing a bitmap and a vector graphic at their native size and orientation, the bitmap will win in speed, excepting perhaps simple shapes. The computational expense incurred by rasterizing vector graphics doesn t invalidate their other advantages, however. Flash Player attempts to give you the best of both worlds with an optimization. When you ag a display object to use bitmap caching by setting its cacheAsBitmap property to true Flash Player rasterizes it, including any vectors it may contain, and saves the rasterized bitmap in memory for the next time it needs to draw the display object. The next time, instead of rasterizing the whole thing again, Flash Player can use the cached version, skipping the rasterization. Now, this sounds good and dandy, but there are a number of caveats that boil down to the fact that bitmap caching is only desirable in certain cases, so for the love of all that is good, don t go turning on cacheAsBitmap on every DisplayObject you see. To wit, The cached bitmap must be rasterized afresh any time the display object changes. If this is every frame, bitmap caching actually hurts you. The cached bitmap must be rasterized afresh any time the display object is scaled or rotated. Simply scaling or rotating the bitmap won t always produce an image comparable in quality to the vectors rasterized at the new scale and rotation, so Flash Player chooses quality and invalidates the cached bitmap. Simply moving the display object is ne. The cached bitmap must live in memory, so using it increases your memory requirements. Keep an eye on this. Flash Player s bitmap caching only helps if you have large or complex vectors that don t change internally, scale, or rotate. In other cases, using a bitmap representation may still speed up performance a terri c amount, but you have to provide your own bitmap caching method rather than use cacheAsBitmap. A number of operations automatically generate intermediate bitmaps of your display objects. All lters operate on bitmaps. 3D operations in Flash Player 10 and later use a rasterized version of the display object as a 2D texture. And the BlendMode.LAYER blend mode attens the entire display object into a bitmap before compositing it. Use this blend mode when, for example, fading out an entire tree of display objects at once. Instead of applying the inherited alpha value down the display lists, it renders the display object down to a bitmap and applies the alpha value to that instead. One last word on vectors: gradient lls are slow, and imported artwork may be more complex than necessary. Try optimizing the shapes in Flash Professional or a vector art package.
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