Part III: The Display List in Java

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Part III: The Display List
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To get the bounding box of a DisplayObject, call its getBounds() method, passing in the display object you d like the bounding box to be relative to. Typically, you ll nd the bounding box relative to the DisplayObject s parent, because this is how its position, width, height, and rotation are already de ned.
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var carrotBounds:Rectangle = carrot.getBounds(carrot.parent);
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Or, if the code is running in the context of the DisplayObjectContainer that contains the display object you re measuring, you can just pass this as the coordinate space:
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var carrotBounds:Rectangle = carrot.getBounds(this);
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Sometimes you ll want to see how a deeply nested display object appears relative to the stage in the global coordinate system:
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var sproutsRect:Rectangle = sprouts.getBounds(stage); if (sproutsRect.contains(stage.mouseX, stage.mouseY)) { trace("you found the sprouts"); }
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Know that there are better ways to determine if the mouse is over a display object. This merely demonstrates how to use a bounding box. You ll notice that the code compares the mouse position relative to the stage with the sprouts bounding box relative to the stage. For a point comparison to be meaningful, you have to be talking about two points in the same coordinate system.
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Putting the Display List to Use
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This chapter has dedicated a lot of space to providing a clear overview of the display list and display objects. But it hasn t been too hands-on with code yet. There s just so much you can do with the display list that an exhaustive set of examples would be impossible. Instead, this chapter focuses on a few common tasks with the display list. In writing interesting examples, I ve had to use topics not yet covered, like vector drawing and events, but the focus will be on use of the display list.
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Drag-and-Drop, Hit Testing
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Let s combine drag-and-drop behavior with hit testing. In Example 14-2, you ll drag visual les into a delete bin, which will remove them from the display list. EXAMPLE 14-2
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Dragging and Dropping with DisplayList
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package { import flash.display.Sprite; import; import flash.filters.DropShadowFilter;
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14: Visual Programming with the Display List
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public class ch14ex2 extends Sprite { protected const NUM_FILES:int = 10; protected var deleteBin:Sprite; public function ch14ex2() { deleteBin = makeDeleteBin(); //the delete bin should stay at the bottom addChildAt(deleteBin, 0); deleteBin.x = 15; deleteBin.y = 15; for (var i:int = 0; i < NUM_FILES; i++) { var file:Sprite = makeFile(); addChild(file); //randomize position by looking at available stage size file.x = Math.random() * (stage.stageWidth - file.width); file.y = Math.random() * (stage.stageHeight - file.height); //Sprites are InteractiveObjects file.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, onFileMouseDown); file.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, onFileMouseUp); } } protected function onFileMouseDown(event:MouseEvent):void { var file:Sprite = Sprite(; file.startDrag(); //Sprites have simple drag methods //moving is relative change in position file.x -= 2; file.y -= 2; //all DisplayObjects support filters file.filters = [new DropShadowFilter(2, 45, 0, 0.2)]; setChildIndex(file, numChildren-1); //set child depth to the top } protected function onFileMouseUp(event:MouseEvent):void { var file:Sprite = Sprite(; file.stopDrag(); //Sprites have simple drag methods file.x += 2; file.y += 2; file.filters = []; //see if it s over the delete bin if (deleteBin.hitTestObject(file)) { //and if so, remove from display list removeChild(file); } } protected function makeDeleteBin():Sprite { var s:Sprite = new Sprite(); //Sprites support vector drawing;, 0, 55, 70, 16);; return s; }
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Part III: The Display List
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protected function makeFile():Sprite { var s:Sprite = new Sprite(); //Sprites support vector drawing;, 0x808080);, 0, 8.5, 11);; s.scaleX = s.scaleY = 3; //DisplayObjects support scaling s.buttonMode = true; //Sprites can act like buttons return s; } } }
This example shows not only drag-and-drop and hit testing, but vector drawing, interactive events, lters, and display list adding, removal, and sorting.
Nesting and Cumulative Transformations
In Example 14-3, you ll create a heavily nested display list, in which each link in a chain is the child of the link to its left. When you apply a rotation to only the rst link, the chain swivels but remains straight. However, when you apply the same rotation to every link, the chain progressively bends into a circle. This is because each display object is affected by the transformations of its parent. EXAMPLE 14-3