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Splitting Text
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var haiku:String = "Oh ActionScript three/ you make coding delightful / I think you are neat."; var lineDelimiter:RegExp = /\s*\/\s*/; var lines:Array = haiku.split(lineDelimiter); for (var i:int = 0; i < lines.length; i++) { trace(i, lines[i]); } //0 Oh ActionScript three //1 you make coding delightful //2 I think you are neat.
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The rst and second delimiters in the example have different formats, but the regular expression catches them both. Additionally, by interpreting the whitespace (represented by \s, as you ll learn in the next section, Constructing Expressions ) as part of the delimiter, it is not included in the split-up substrings. As you can see, all three lines print out without extra whitespace in the beginning.
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Constructing Expressions
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By now, you ve seen many examples of what regular expressions can be used for. Along the way you ve also seen some pretty complex regular expressions. This section covers the building blocks of regular expressions and the ags they can be used with.
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Part II: Core ActionScript 3.0 Data Types
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Each expression is actually a mini-program that can be run on a string input. In general, it steps through the string from start to end, trying to match the current part of the expression with the current part of the string, as you can see in Figure 12-1.
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Stepping through a regular expression.
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/hello/ /hello/ /hello/ /hello/ /hello/ /hello/ "help!" "help!" "help!" "help!" "help!" "help!" h matches h, potential match e matches e, potential match l matches l, potential match l does not match p start looking at the next letter in the input this isn't the beginning of "hello" either nor this, etc. ...
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Normal Characters
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When you type letters in an expression, they match those letters in the same sequence, as shown in examples throughout this chapter. You can type any letter or number, and some punctuation, as shown in Example 12-7.
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Collected Snippets: Constructing Regular Expressions
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trace("are you thinking what I m thinking ".match(/think/g)); //think,think trace("rub a dub dub, three men in a tub".match(/ub/g)); //ub,ub,ub,ub
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Dot Character
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The period (.) has an important meaning in regular expressions. It matches any character, with one exception: the newline character. (A certain ag changes this behavior, covered in the section Regular Expression Flags. ) Aspx gs1 - 12 drawer for .net
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Escaped Characters
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There are two reasons to escape certain characters. First, in the language of regular expressions, many punctuation characters have special meanings. Second, escaped characters let you include characters that may be dif cult to type or see in an expression.
12: Regular Expressions
I introduced character escaping in 6. To escape a character, simply preface it with a backslash (\). This goes for the backslash character as well. To type a backslash, you must pre x it with a backslash:
trace("c:\\windows\\"); //c:\windows\
You can t go wrong by escaping any character you type in a regular expression that is not an alphanumeric character (a z, A Z, and 0 9). It s not always necessary, but it s harmless:
var re:RegExp = /I have a \$5 bill \& his\/her ID card\./;
At a minimum, you must escape the following characters to ensure that they will be interpreted literally:
^ $ \ . * + ( ) [ ] { } |
The forward slash is added to this list, of course, if you are declaring a regular expression literally, because the forward slash marks the beginning and end of the expression. There are also several escape characters that are written with a sequence but represent a different character than the character after the slash. These were covered in 6 and are summarized here in Table 12-1.
TABLE 12-1
Escape Sequences
Type This Get This
\b \f \n \r \t \unnnn \xnn
Backspace Form feed. This ejected the page currently in the printer back in the day. Newline, aka LF. The line separator on UNIX machines and Mac OS X is \n Carriage return, aka CR. The line separator in Windows is \r\n and on old Mac OS is \r. Tab. The Unicode character with character code nnnn in hexadecimal. For example, \u20ac is character U+20AC, the Euro sign ( ). The ASCII character with the character code nn in hexadecimal. For example, \xa3 is ASCII character 0xA3, the pound sign ( ).
Dealing with newlines on text that might come from different systems can be incredibly frustrating. Please keep the different possible line endings, as well as the encoding of the input text, in mind. See more on international regular expressions later in the chapter in the section International Concerns.