Part I: ActionScript 3.0 Language Basics in Java

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Part I: ActionScript 3.0 Language Basics
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Part I of this book is designed to get all readers up to the same level. This part introduces all the different parts of the Flash Platform and how they connect, and it demysti es the differences between Flash Professional and Flash Player, ActionScript 3.0 and the API, and the compiler and the debugger. It teaches you what ActionScript 3.0 is all about and how to use the language. By the end of this part you should be able to write programs in ActionScript 3.0. If ActionScript 3.0 is the rst programming language you have used, make sure you read all of Part I. Everyone but experienced Flash Platform developers should read 1, Introducing ActionScript 3.0. If you have experience with object-oriented programming languages other than ActionScript, you should at least skim Part I to get a feel for the syntax and features of the language. After Part I and a bit of practice, readers new to ActionScript and readers with prior experience should be equally prepared to tackle the rest of the book.
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Part II: Core ActionScript 3.0 Data Types
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This part covers the data structures in ActionScript 3.0 that you will use most commonly, how they are implemented in ActionScript, and what you can do with them. It s an essential read. Experienced programmers can bene t from 9, Vectors, on this new data type for Flash Player 10.
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Part III: The Display List
This part covers the ground you ll need to start making programs that have a visual aspect. The fundamentals introduced here are used frequently in other parts. Experienced programmers will enjoy the addition of 15, Working in Three Dimensions, and 18, Advanced Text Layout.
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Part IV: Event-Driven Programming
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This part provides the fundamentals for writing interactive software by introducing events. This is a key topic that will be used in every following part. This edition adds 23, Multitouch and Accelerometer Input.
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Part V: Error Handling
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This part gives you the tools you need to write rock-solid programs in ActionScript 3.0, including error handling and debugging.
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Part VI: External Data
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In this part, you ll learn about using information from the internet; communicating with servers; and sending, receiving, and saving les.
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Part VII: Sound and Video
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This part explains how to add multimedia capabilities to your program. You ll learn how to load, stream, play, capture, and control both audio and video. You ll also get to synthesize sound with code.
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Part VIII: Graphics Programming and Animation
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In this part, you ll learn how to use ActionScript 3.0 to generate visuals and make them move. This part is expansive and genuinely fun. You ll build all kinds of effects, games, and even a 3D engine. Experienced programmers will sink their teeth into 38, Writing Shaders with Pixel Bender, and 40, Advanced 3D.
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Part IX: Flash in Context
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This nal part discusses real-world concerns that intersect with Flash Player, such as embedding and deploying your code, interfacing with code in other instances of Flash Player and in the host browser, and making your application usable by everyone. Experienced programmers should read 41, Globalization, Accessibility, and Color Correction.
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Conventions and Features
There are many different organizational and typographical features throughout this book designed to help you get the most from the information.
Throughout this book you will see sections called out from the main text. I use these special notes to bring important information to your attention or to add context and optional additions to the main discussion.
Cautions let you know about common trip-ups and things to think about not always related to ActionScript while writing your code.
Tips are used to provide information that can make your life easier.
Notes provide ancillary information that is useful but that you won t suffer from skipping. They sometimes refer you to further reading.
These callouts bring to your attention any code or features that may depend on the version of the runtime or the compiler. If you use them in incompatible versions, they either won t compile or won t run properly.