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A A A A UA = u0 u1 u2 u3 ...
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p( j ,uj ) uA B
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Value of I = small Large Hamming distance d( A ,UB) U
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B B B B UB = u0 u1 u2 u3 ...
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(a) UA and UB : having at least one pair of error-prone symbols
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A A A A UA = u0 u1 u2 u3 ...
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Value of I = large Small Hamming distance d( A ,UB ) U
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B B B B UB = u0 u1 u2 u3 ...
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(b) UA and UB : not having any pairs of error-prone symbols Error probability: low high
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Figure 13.12 Hamming distance between two distinct codewords UA and UB. Source: [KANE04b]. 2004
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Theorem 13.5 If every symbol in GF qi appears with the same probability 1=qi in all codewords of Ci for i 2 f1; 2; . . . ; cg, then the number of codewords in C de ned by q1 ; q2 ; . . . ; qc is approximated as follows: jCj
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c Y i 1
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 M jCi j Qc
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n qi :
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Proof Let X be a set of vectors over R q1 ; q2 ; . . . ; qc de ned as X f x0 x1 . . . xn 1 j xj hx1; j ; x2; j ; . . . ; xc; j i 2 R q1 ; q2 ; . . . ; qc ; xi;0 xi;1 . . . xi;n 1 2 Ci ; 1 By using the set X, we can rede ne the code C as C f F 1 x0 F 1 x1 . . . F 1 xn 1 j x0 x1 . . . xn 1 2 X; xj 2 F ; 8j 2 f0; 1; . . . ; n 1gg; where F 1 is the inverse function of F, and F fx j x F u ; u 2 Ag i c; 0 j n 1g:
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TABLE 13.4 Number of Codewords jCj, Code Rate, and Decoded SER for n 7 Code I II III IV V VI VII VIII (11) (11) (11) (11) (7, 2) (7, 2) (7, 2) (2,5) C1 RS RS HM PC ERS ERS HM HM d1 5 4 3 2 5 4 3 3 C2 PC PC PC PC d2 2 2 2 2 Approximation of jCj 683 7,513 82,644 909,090 2,082 14,577 102,040 250,000 jCj 685 7,513 82,644 909,091 2,086 14,644 102,232 250,000 107 142,705 Code rate 0.405 0.554 0.702 0.851 0.474 0.595 0.716 0.771 1.000 0.736 Decoded SER 10 9 2:1 10 6 2:7 10 5 2:3 10 3 3:3 10 8 5:0 10 6 2:8 10 5 1:3 10 3 2:3 10 3 1:4 10 3
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Noncoded case 7-Digital postal code
Source: [KANE04b]. 2004 IEEE Note: RS: Reed-Solomon code, ERS: Extended Reed-Solomon code, HM: Hamming code; PC: Simple parity-check code. The approximation of jCj is derived fromTheorem 13.5.
denotes the range of F. Given the equiprobability condition for Ci, the probability of every symbol in x0 x1 . . . xn 1 2 X being included in F is  n  n j F j M Qc : jR q1 ; q2 ; . . . ; qc j i 1 qi Therefore the number of codewords in C is approximated by  n Y  n c M M jCi j Qc : jCj jXj Qc i 1 qi i 1 qi i 1 Q.E.D. Table 13.4, shown later, indicates that this approximation is highly accurate for the class of codes indicated. 3. Decoding Procedure A maximum likelihood decoding, in general, gives a low probability of erroneous decoding. A received word U 0 u00 u01 . . . u0n 1 can be decoded by a brute force search through the u set C of codewords to nd a codeword ^0 ^1 . . . ^n 1 2 C that maximizes the probability u u
n 1 Y i 0
p u0i j^i : u
In the conventional block codes used in communication and memory systems, a brute force search, in general, requires a prohibitively long time because there exists a huge number of codewords. In contrast, the indicated code is designed to generate a codebook for M-ary data, such as postal codes and product numbers, where the number of codewords is relatively small, and also the constraint on decoding delay is not so severe compared to the communication and memory systems. Therefore the maximum likelihood decoding using brute force search is feasible for the codes.