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control functions. In other words, this type of code has different code functions within a code word, depending on the area and the associated error rate. The chapter provides optimal codes with some UEC code functions. Similar codes exist in unequal error protection (UEP) codes. This type of code protects the valuable information part of a word against errors. For example, control information or address information in communication messages or computer words, or similarly pointer information in the database words, must be more protected from errors than their other parts. The chapter provides some UEP codes that protect against burst errors and also against single-bit errors. The chapter includes examples of UEC and UEP codes used in holographic memories and lossless compressed data. s 11, 12, 13, and 14 present the codes for some speci c systems, namely mass memories such as magnetic tapes and disks, logic circuits and systems, data entry systems, and distributed storage systems. 11 covers the codes designed speci cally for mass memories such as tape memories, magnetic disk memories, and recent optical disk memories. The various modi ed types of Reed-Solomon codes and adaptive parity codes are presented to the tape memories and to the disk memories. Codes for recent CDs and DVDs are also introduced. 12 mentions error checking for logic systems using ef cient error detecting codes. An important concept of self-checking is rst introduced. The chapter then clari es how the errors in the logic circuits and systems are detected, how the error detecting checker circuits are implemented, how the errors in the checker itself are detected, and how the self-testing checkers are implemented. Especially self-checking ALU is presented by using paritybased codes, and also self-checking design for processor systems is demonstrated. 13 presents the codes for data entry systems. In these systems, in general, nonbinary symbols are routinely used in character recognition systems, and recent twodimensional symbols. The chapter characterizes the errors that occur in these nonbinary symbols as asymmetric errors and presents some asymmetric error control codes. These codes are basically nonlinear, and are designed by using elements in newly de ned rings. Also nonsystematic nonbinary asymmetric error correcting codes are designed based on a multilevel coding method and a set-partitioning algorithm, and QR codes and two-dimensional unidirectional clustered error correcting codes are presented for two-dimensional matrix symbols. 14 provides the codes for distributed storage systems connected via networks. Codes for recent RAID systems that tolerate two disk failures are introduced, and then an ef cient error recovery scheme from multiple disk failures in the distributed storge system is discussed and is implemented by using block design in combinatorial theory. The introductory portion of the book, s 1 and 2, and the parts of s 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10, can be used as the text for a course at an advanced undergraduate level or for an introductory one-semester course at the graduate level. For graduate classes and advanced students who have the background in mathematics, logic circuits, and rudimentary knowledge of codes, the book can be used as a whole with selected topics from each of the chapters. Practicing engineers / designers will nd useful discussions in s 6 to 14, which demonstrate, in detail, the procedure of designing sophisticated codes in practical form. For the practicing engineer, 2 presents mathematics and coding theory, not in strict form but in introductory form, which is necessary in understanding the later chapters. Many examples, gures, exercises, and references are provided in each chapter of the book. Many attractive codes with practical code parameters and their evaluation data on decoding hardware and error detection capabilities
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