Abstract Task: Leader in .NET

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5.5.3 Abstract Task: Leader
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The Leader task is the most complex of all three abstract tasks in the ATaG program for object tracking. Indeed, it is the most important task of this ATaG
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package atag. application; import import import import atag.runtime .*; atag. sensor .*; atag . runtime. conf ig . *; visualizer .*;
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public class SampleAndThreshold implements Runnable C private TargetAlert m-targetAlert = nev TargetAlertO; private DataPool a-datapool; private DataItem m-dataitem; private Conf ig a-myState ; private Sensor m-asensor ; private NetvorkArchitecture m-netvorkArchitecture; private private private private private mCUI m-CUI; CUIMessage m-guiMessage; int 1atestReading; static int oldhading; static boolean acquired=false;
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public SampleAndThreshold(DataPoo1 dp, Config myconfig, NetvorkArchitecture t-netvorkArchitecture, mCUI t-CUI) I a-alensor * nev Sensor(myconfig.myID0, Constants.ACOUSTIC-SENSOR); m-datapool dp; m-mystate = myconfig; a-netvorkArchitecture = t-netvorkArchitecture; m-CUI = t-CUI;
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public void r u n 0 C try C for ( ; ; 1 C 1atestReading = m-aSensor.reading0; m-dataitem = nev DataItem(1DConstants.D-TARGETALERT, 1DConstants.T-SAMPLEANDTHRESHOLD, m-targetAlert); if (1atestReading > 0) C
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m-targetAlert.setDistance(latestReading); m_targetAlert.setAcquired(true);
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if (!acquired) C acquired true; 1
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m-dataPool.putData(m-dataitem); else if (1atestReading == 0 &P oldhading = 0) C acquired = false; m-targetAlert.setAcquired(false); m~guiMessage.setNodeOutput("Target~lo~t"~; m-GUI.send(m-guiMessage); m-dataPool.putData(m-dataitem);
1 oldhading = 1atestReading;
Thread. sleep (2000);
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1 catch (InterruptedException e) C return: 1 1
Figure 5.18 Complete code listing for the SampleAndThreshold task.
program. The SampleAndThresholdtask has a relatively simple logic: Periodically sample the acoustic sensor, and if a nonzero (zero) reading is detected, compare it with the earlier reading, but if the reading in the previous invocation was zero (nonzero) produce a TargetAlert data item correspondingto target acquisition (loss). All activity-sampling of the sensor, comparison with previous state, and production of output data item-occurs on the same node. and state maintenance within the task is limited to storing the last read value from the acoustic sensor. The Supervisor task (to be discussed in the next section) is also quite simple and has the same role as the AlarmActuator task in the temperature gradient monitoring application. The role of the Supervisor task is to produce some alarm notification (or perform some other computation) whenever a report of a target location is received from the field in the form of a TargetInfo packet. The Leader task has a more involved logic than the two other abstract tasks. Input data for this task (TargetAlert)can arrive from any node within a 10meter radius of the host node that detects the target. As the target moves, the subset of nodes broadcasting the target alerts keeps changing. Also, depending on the speed of movement of the target, its path, and the sampling frequency of the sampling and thresholding task, multiple target alerts can be received from the same nodes while other nodes within a 10-meter radius may be sending no alerts because they are out of range of the object. This complicates state maintenance because readings received from all nodes have to be maintained, including readings from sampling tasks on the same node as the leader. The leader task is responsible for determining if it should generate and transmit the object information to the root node, or if it should depend on leader tasks executing on other nodes that have detected the object to do the same. Ideally, only one of the nodes that have detected the object will elect itself as leader, and the leader task will generate the object information based on readings received from other nodes and send it to the supervisor task on the rot node. There are some assumptions implicit in the formulation of this ATaG program and specifically in encoding the imperative portion of the Leader task. For instance, if two nodes that have detected the object at the same time have equal sensor readings that are also the maximum of all sensorreadings on nodes that have detected the object, the program can lead to duplicate TargetInf o notifications being generated. There is no mechanism in the program for the Leader task to autonomously resolve situations where its own reading and the reading of one or more of its neighboring nodes is the same and is also the maximum of all readings it has received until that instant.