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package atag. application; import; public class TargetInfo implements Serializable { private int myCoords ; private int reportingNode ; public TargetInfo(int [I myc, int nodeid) { myCoords = myc; report ingNode = nodeid ;
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public int reportingNode 0 { return reportingNode;
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public int [I c o o r d s 0 { return myCoords;
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public int y C o o r d s 0 c return myCoords Ell;
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public int x C o o r d 0 { return myCoords [O] ;
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Figure 5.17 Code listing for the TargetInfo data item.
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the loss of an acquired target. The reason for producing a TargetAlert data item corresponding to the loss of an acquired target is discussed in later sections. A set of helper methods are also defined for the abstract task to read and modify the values in this data item. The TargetInfo data item (Figure 5.17) is produced by the Leader and sent to the Supervisor task. Ideally, only one of the nodes from among the set of nodes that has detected the target at any given point in time sends an instance of the Target Inf o data item to the Supervisor. This data item could contain information about the location of the data item. For instance, based on the locations of the nodes producing the TargetAlert data item, along with the distance readings estimated by each node from the target, the Leader task could compute the position of the target in some coordinate system. The details of distance estimation and triangulation will depend heavily on the parameters of the sensing interface and are outside the scope of this illustrative example. The variable myCoords is a placeholder for the target coordinates and is not actually used in this ATaG program. The only parameter of interest
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in the current implementation is the ID of the reporting node. Note that this information can also be extracted from the DataItem class by invoking the suitable method. In this example, we also store this information as part of the application-level abstract data item. As shown in the code listing, a set of helper methods are defined for this class.
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Abstract Task: SampleAndThreshold
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Figure 5.18 shows the complete code listing for the SampleAndThreshold task in the object detection and tracking application. The purpose of this task is similar to the TSampler class of the temperature gradient monitoring application. Similar to the temperature sampler, this task is executed periodically with the period of execution specified in the declarative part of the program. At each invocation, the task samples the acoustic sensor and possibly produces a TargetAlert data item, depending on the value of the sensor reading. In this case study, we record the sensor reading in the variable reserved for transmitting the distance of the object from the local node. As shown in lines 35-53, the imperative portion of this task is quite simple. At each (periodic) invocation, the acoustic sensor is sampled and the reading is stored in the latestReading variable. If the current reading is greater than zero, it means that the object is within sensing range of this node. We assume that a quiescent environment corresponds to a zero reading at the sensor and any nonzero reading indicates the presence of the object of interest. The target alert is produced and added to the local data pool. The acquired flags is also set to true if it is not already set. If the current reading is zero, there are two possibilities. Either the node has lost the target between the prior invocation and this invocation, or the target was not in range in the previous invocation also. The first case represents a transition between the acquired state and the lost state. A target alert is generated with the acquired flag set to false to indicate this transition. As will be discussed in the next section, this notification causes the neighboring nodes to update their local state and clear any nonzero reading that may have been associated with this node. Finally, the current reading is saved as oldReading in readiness for the next invocation of this task.
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