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might actually be produced on other nodes and injected into the local data pool through the network interface. The arrival times of such external data items cannot be predicted, and the task can become ready for execution at any time. Maintaining the execution semantics in the face of uncertain arrival times of external data items, in addition to the dependencies of tasks on that node, is a challenge that needs to be tackled. Also, the size of an ATaG program in terms of the number of abstract tasks depends on the application. Not all schedulers support a large number of distinct priority levels. For instance, a Java thread s priority is specified with an integer from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest); also the real-time specification for java (RTSJ) 1491 offers 28 strictly enforced priority levels, whereas pC-0s I1 [39] allows more than 50. Hence, another subproblem is that of performing priority assignment by intelligent allocation from a limited number of priority levels. We will implement a mechanism for limited-range priority assignment to abstract tasks, based on the observation that not all tasks will become active at a given time, and it might be acceptable to assign the same priority to more than one task as long as they do not become ready for execution at the same time.
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This chapter describes the process of application development with ATaG. The declarative part of the ATaG program is specified through an easy-to-use graphical interface. Although a variety of representations are possible for specifying the declarative part of an ATaG program, we chose the graphical interface because of the benefit of providing a concrete syntax that is identical to the abstract syntax, thereby eliminating the learning curve for the application developer. The imperative part, consisting of the code associated with each abstract task and abstract data item, is provided by the user, with assistance from a code template generator tool. Software synthesis, simulation, and visualization is performed by tools that are launched from the visual programming interface. The GUI is based on the Generic Modeling Environment toolsuite [21]. We first introduce the GME toolsuite and then describe how GME was used to implement a programming and software synthesis mechanism for ATaG.
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Architecture-Independent Programming for Wireless Sensor Networks By Amol B. Bakshi, Viktor K. Prasanna Copyright @ 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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Model integrated computing (MIC):MIC is an approach for development of complex systems that is based on capturing all the relevant system information in a structured form (models) and using the model information to drive a set of domain-specific tools for analysis and synthesis. Model: Models are abstractions that allow the representation and manipulation of various aspects of the underlying system. The set of parameters captured in the model depends entirely on the intended usage of the model information and the domain of application. The term model is commonly used to refer to mathematical models that describe a system through (a) a set of variables that represent properties of interest and (b) a set of equations that describe the relationships between the variables. We use the term model to denote structural models and not mathematical models. A domain-specific structural modeling language defines the basic building blocks that are available to the designer to describe a particular system in that domain. The domain-specific language also implicitly includes the semantics of each building block and the semantics of relationships between the building blocks. Examples of relationships include association, containment, and physical connectivity. The Generic Modeling Environment (GME): GME is a configurable graphical toolsuite that supports MIC. The configuration of the environment to support domain-specific modeling is done in a formal manner through the use of metamodels. The metamodeling language is the UML class diagram notation. GME allows rapid creation of domain-specific modeling environments that are used by designers to describe systems in that domain, performs desired transformations on the model data, and drives external tools with the model information as input. Model interpreters are the software components that interface with the model database and manipulate and otherwise use the model information.
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