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3. If one or more tasks are ready to be scheduled for execution, the AtagManager invokes the run (1 function provided by the Runnable interface supported by each UserTask.
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4. The DataPool notifies the Dispatcher and returns control to the user
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task. Further processing by the Dispatcher can proceed in a separate thread of control.
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5. The Dispatcher obtains the output channel annotation for the data item. If the ouptut channel is marked local only, the data item is not to be transmitted to any other nodes in the network and processing of the put (1 call terminates at this point.
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6. If the output channel annotation indicates transmission of the data item to one or more nodes of the network, the Dispatcher queries the NetworkArchitecture to translate the channel annotation into a list of node IDS (or locations). Note that this assumes a scenario where the annotation is not translated into node IDS (or locations) at compile time, which typically will be the case if the network is dynamic. For a static network where some annotations are translated into node IDS (or locations) through an analysis of the network graph at compile time, the runtime translation will not be required. Instead, a list of node IDS (or locations) will be provided to the AtagManager instead of an untranslated channel annotation. In this case, Step 6 will be omitted.
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7. Finally, the Dispatcher hands over the data item and the list of destinations to the Networkst ack for transmission. The operating system and compiler support for the platform on which DART is implemented heavily affects the (a) design and implementation of the components and (b) the management of details of the control flow. For instance, a real-time operating system such as pC/OS-I1 includes a preemptive prioritybased scheduler and support for multi-threading, which is not available in an operating system such as TinyOS for resource constrained sensor nodes. Also, if pC/OS-I1 is the choice of operating system, the DART implementation (and the software synthesis process) will be affected by the target processor. Webform qr-code makerfor .net
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Centralized data collection: control flow at the sampler and collector nodes. The description of the DART architecture and details of its control flow are hence intended to be a guide (template) for implementing system-levelsupport for the ATaG programming model, with DART implementations on different sensor node platforms differing from another in the details. The third type of event - an invocation of the putFromNetwork0 call by the receiver thread of the Networkstack-is handled in much the same way as a local invocation, except that the Dispatcher is not part of the loop.
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In centralized data collection, a Sampler task is hosted on each node of the network, and a C o l l e c t o r task is hosted on a single designated root node. The Sampler runs periodically and produces a data item that is to be routed to the C o l l e c t o r at the root node. The ATaG program for this behavior therefore consists of two abstract tasks and one data item. Figure 3.25 depicts the intranode and internode flow of control whenever a data sample is created at a nonroot node (left) and communicated to the root node (right). The individual steps have already been explained in the previous subsection. In this example, the invocation of a p u t (1 by the Sampler only results in execution of six of the seven steps discussed in the earlier section. This is because the AtagManager does not invoke any task on that node, since no task dependent on the Sampler is mapped on the nonroot node. When the data item arrives at the network interface of the root node, the Networkstack adds it to the data pool, which leads to the scheduling of the C o l l e c t o r task that consumes the newly arrived data item sent by the Sampler.
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