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ackage atag . runtime ; import import import import import java.util.//; java . net./ / ; atag.runtime.config.//; atag. runtime./ / ; visualizer.//;
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public class Networkstack private Receiver m-receiver; private DataPool m-datapool ; private Transmitter m-transmitter; private Conf ig m-conf ig ; Thread m-receiverThread; public NetworkStack(Config t-config, DataPool dataPoo1) 1 / / Startup routine in the constructor: / / Startup the Receiver thread which will continually listen / / on a specific socket number for data transfers from / / other runtimes, and instantiate the Transmitter class / / which will be used to send the data item to other nodes. // / / Handle to the data pool is passed to the constructor / / of the network stack because the Receiver thread / / requires this handle to be able to call the / / putDataFromNetwork method when a data item is // received from other Transmitters. // m-datapool = datapool ; m-config = t-config; m-receiver = new Receiver(t-config. datapool); / / start up the receiver when Networkstack starts m-receiverThread = new Threadcm-receiver); m-receiverThread.start0; m-transmitter = new Transmitter(t-config); return ;
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Figure 3.22 The constructor and startup routine for the Networkstack.
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public class AtagManager private private private private private private private private
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int numTaskDecls = 0; int numChannelDecls = 0; Vector taskDecls = new Vector 0 ; Vector channelDecls = new Vector (1 ; DataPool m-datapool; Config m-config; mGUI m-GUI; NetworkArchitecture m-networkArchitecture;
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public void s t a r t 0 c TaskDeclaration t-taskDec1; for (int ctr = 0; ctr < m-config.ntasks0; ctr++) if ((t-taskDecl = (TaskDeclaration) taskDecls.get(ctr)).runAtInit()) / / run task with ID ctr t-taskDecl.runTask0;
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return ;
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Figure 3.23 The startup routine for the AtagManager.
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developer might want some task(s) to execute periodically only when a certain stage of the computation is reached or a certain event is detected. Hence, the boolean property run at initialization is to be specified for each abstract task (false by default) and only the tasks that have this property set to true will be started at node initialization, regardless of the firing rule. The application developer can use this mechanism to define application-levelfunctionality that is executed only at initialization.
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get 0 and put 0
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During the normal course of application execution, three main events can occur: (i) a get (1 invocation by a user task, (ii) a put (1 invocation by a user task, or (iii) a put (1 invocation by the receiver thread when a data item arrives from another node. As explained in Section, a get 0 invocation merely results in the clearing of the corresponding entries of the totalRef s and nowRef s arrays of
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the data pool and, as a side effect, can change the state of a particular instance of a data item from available to unavailable, etc. In the current implementation, the processing of a get 0 call is performed entirely within the Datapool component, and none of the services offered by other DART components are used by Datapool.
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Figure 3.24 Flow of control on a put 0 invocation.
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The processing of a put 0 call is more involved. Figure 3.24 shows the flow of control among DART components triggered by a put 0. Steps 1 through 7 of the figure correspond to the following:
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1. An instance of UserTask invokes put 0 for a particular abstract data item. The Datapool first checks if the corresponding data item can be safely added to the data pool-that is, if the data item is unavailable or inactive. If the addition fails, the put (1 returns with an error code and the contents of the data pool are not modified. 2. If the addition succeeds, Datapool invokes the newInstanceProduced (1 function of the A t agManager. The A t agManager checks if the output channel annotation for the newly produced data item contains nonlocal. If not, the AtagManager determines the list of tasks that depend on this data item and checks their firing rules. The arrow that denotes Step 2 is double-headed because this process involves some calls back to the Datapool to check the status of certain data items.
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