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Figure 3.17 UML class diagram: NetworkArchitecture.
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work will then be configured to start the tree formation protocols at node initialization time. The four types of events involving the NetworkArchitecture that can occur at runtime are: A data item of interest to one of the protocols managed by this component arrives at the transceiver and is communicated to the protocol by the Networkstack, a data item is sent to the Networkstack by one of the protocols managed by this component; the query interface is invoked by an application level task; and the query interface is invoked by the Dispatcher.
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3 3 7 Dispatcher ..
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generate, create barcode none with .net projects Service The Dispatcher is responsible for transmitting any new instance of a data item produced on the node to other nodes (if any) indicated by the output channel annotation associated with the data item.
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The component therefore supports a notification interface that consists of a newInstanceProduced0 function.
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3 3 7 2 lnferacfions The Datapool is responsible only for managing ...
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the data pool. The AtagManager stores information about the declarative part of the program and also schedules the imperative portions for execution when appropriate. The Networkstack manages the transceiver, and the NetworkArchitecture is in charge of situatedness information of the node. None of the above components are assigned the task of determining where a particular data item produced on the node is to be sent. Hence, a new component-the Dispat cher-was created for coordinating between these modules and, when an instance of a data item is produced, sending it to the set of destination nodes as indicated in the ATaG program. Specifically, this component uses the query interface of AtagManager to obtain the output channel annotation associated with the data item, the translation service of the NetworkArchitecture to convert the channel annotation into a list of node IDS locations) that correspond to the annotation at that time, and the (or s e n d 0 interface of the Networkstack to actually dispatch the data to the destinations.
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3 3 7 3 lmplementafion The Dispatcher maintains handles to the ... AtagManager, NetworkArchitecture, and the Networkstack, to be invoked in that order. When a new data item is produced, part of the putData(1 method of the Datapool class calls the newInstanceProduced0 function of the Dispatcher module. The code listing for this function is shown in Figure 3.20. First, we perform a sanity check to ensure that there is indeed an output channel declaration that corresponds to the production of this data item. The assumption is that there is exactly one such output channel. If more than one channel were allowed, additional record-keeping would be required to now determine which task produced the data item in question. This would increase the complexity of the runtime system. The ATaG syntax currently prohibits more than one output channel from being associated with a given data item for this reason. The Dispatcher does not check if the output channel is local or nonlocal. That determination is the sole concern of the At agManager because it affects the scheduling of dependent tasks (if any) on the local node. The Dispatcher merely checks if some channel annotation (interest) is associated with the output channel that can translate into one or more node IDSin the system. This information is obtained through the AtagManager module that stores the channel declaration and its associated annotations. If such an annotation
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Figure 3.18 Hopscope.
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Figure 3.19 UML class diagram: Dispatcher.
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public void n e w I n s t a n c e P r o d u c e d ( D a t a 1 t e m t-dataItem) C int 11 nodeIDs = null; ; int dataID = t-dataItem. dataID 0 ; ChannelDeclaration t-channelDec1 = m-AtagManager.getOutputChannelDeclaration( t-dataItem.producerID0, dataID) ; if (t-channelDec1 == null) C / / no output channel found for this data ID System. exit ( -1) ;
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String interest = t - c h a n n e l D e c l . i n t s r e s t 0 ; if (!(intereet.toUpperCaseO.equale("NONE"))) I int interestparam = t - c h a n n e l D e c l . i n t e r e s t P a r a m 0 ; / / delegate the task of decoding the channel's annotation to / / the NetuorkArchitecture module nodeIDs = m-networkArchitecture.translateChannelAnnotation(interest, intersstParam); / / NetuorkArchitecture returns the list of nodeIDs (if any) that / / correspond to the channel annotation if (nodeIDs ! = null) C / / delegate the task of actually transmitting the data item to the / / set of node IDS to the Networkstack module m-networkStack.sendData(nodeIDs, t-dataItem);
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/ / Now check if any node IDS are specified as part of the config / / file generated during compile time. nodeIDs = m-config.getDestinationOfData(data1D); if (nodeIDs ! = null) m-networkStack.sendData(nodeIDs, t-dataItem); return ;
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