Figure 3.3 The internal variables of the TaskDeclaration class. in .NET

Access Quick Response Code in .NET Figure 3.3 The internal variables of the TaskDeclaration class.
Figure 3.3 The internal variables of the TaskDeclaration class.
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public boolean runTask0 C if ( ( t h i s . f i r i n g R u l e O . c o m p a r e T o I g n o r e C a s e ( " p e r i o d i c " ) == 0) & this. hasBeenRun) { / / Task is periodic. Already scheduled to run periodically. return false ;
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else < / / create new thread (Runnable) for this task Thread t-taskThread = new Thread(taskCode1; / / set specified priority for this task t-taskThread.setPriority(taskPriority); t-taskThread.start 0; / / record the fact that this task has been launched / / this is required for periodic tasks because the actual loop / / that executes the task periodically is in the task code itself / / and not in the runtime hasBeenRun = true; return true;
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Figure 3.4 The runTask0 routine of the TaskDeclaration class.
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the field. For instance, if anew behavior is to be added or an existing behavior is to be modified, it should not be necessary to shut down the system, reprogram each node, and reinitialize the sensor network. Instead, a protocol will be defined that can manipulate the task and channel annotations, add new tasks on a set of nodes, etc., while the system is running. Part of this manipulation could include changing the firing rule of a task from periodic to any-data or vice versa. In the current implementation, where the periodic firing rule is hard-coded in the user task class, this modification will be impossible. Second, the semantics of the periodic firing rule are not exactly satisfied with this implementation. In ATaG, if a task is defined as periodic with, say, a 5-minute period, it means that successive invocations of the task are separated by 5 minutes. This time is measured from the start of one invocation to the start of the next invocation. If a 5-minute delay is inserted as the last statement of the while loop (as is the case currently), the specified 5 minute period applies (incorrectly) from the end of execution of the first invocation and the beginning of execution of the second. By incorporating a more sophisticated mechanism for task management in the AtagManager, the runtime system should ensure that the firing of the periodic timer (again, maintained by the runtime) results in a call to the runTask (1 routine of the corresponding task declaration. The UML class diagram for the ChannelDeclaration class is shown in Figure 3.5. The channel declaration stores all the annotations and corresponding parameter values for the channel. The class provides methods that are used to query for the (a) type (input or output) of the channel and (b) annotation types and associated parameter values for the channel.
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3.3.2 UserTask
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3 3 2 7 Service Each abstract task in the ATaG model is required to be ...
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an instance of UserTask. The UserTask class is the imperative part of the abstract task declaration and contains the application-level code represented by the abstract task. From the perspective of the DART design, the service interface provided by this component is basically the Java Runnable interface that is invoked when this task is to be scheduled for execution.
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3 3 2 2 interactions The user-level task interacts with the Dat apool ... by accessing the get 0 and put 0 functions for reading and writing data items, respectively. UserTask can also use the interface provided by the NetworkArchitecture component to obtain the list of node IDS (or locations) that constitute a specific neighborhood of the node defined either in terms of hops or Euclidean distance. For instance, the input channel for that
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Figure 3.5 class.
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Storing abstract channel information in the ChannelDeclaration
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user task might be annotated as neighborhood-hops:l,which means that each piece of incoming data is from one of the 1-hop neighbors of that node. If the functionality of the abstract task is to wait until at least one reading is received from each neighbor, and then aggregate the set of readings, it is important for the task to be able to determine how many 1-hop neighbors it has
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