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Ease of software synthesis
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We have built an end-to-end application development framework based on the ATaG programming model that also includes a tool for synthesis of compileready customized software for the individual node of the target network, based on the ATaG program and the network description. The synthesized software for a node has three components: (i) a common DART kernel that runs on every node and handles basic tasks such as data pool management, managing the basic networking protocols, etc., (ii) user-supplied code for abstract tasks and user-supplied data structures (and methods) for abstract data items, and (iii) glue code for the interface between the runtime and the user-supplied code. The user-supplied code and the common runtime code are available to the software synthesizer, and ease of software synthesis can be measured by the size of the glue code that is to be generated for a particular node for a particular ATaG program. The choice of data-driven computing as the programming paradigm for ATaG is also influenced by the fact that in a data-driven software system, the only interaction between the user-supplied code and the runtime system is through the get 0 and put 0 calls implemented in the datapool manager. Therefore, the purpose of the glue code that is to be synthesized can be broadly classified as follows:
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Allowing the runtime to interact with application tasks, i.e., to determine their attributes (such as firing rule and input-output interface), schedule the tasks for execution through suitable interfaces such as the Runnable interface of Java if the application tasks are provided as Java classes implementing Runnable, etc.
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Providing state information (context awareness) required by the node to situate itself in the network. For instance, if nodes have preassigned identifiers, the ID should be hardcoded into and accessible through a suitable function call by the modules of the runtime system. For scenarios where the program is synthesized onto relatively static and robust networks (as discussed above in Section 3.1.l), information such as the composition of the node s neighborhood will be incorporated into the runtime system at software synthesis time. Other information such as the role of the node in a virtual topology (if any) will also be determined and incorporated into the software. For instance, on initialization after deployment, each node will check if it is supposed to be the designated root node and, based on the (boolean) result of the query, adjust the behavior of its protocols for virtual topology formation. Pre-wiring communicationpathways. Consider a simpleATaG program for centralized data collection with two abstract tasks and one abstract data item. The programmer uses channel annotations to indicate that all data produced by the Sampler on each node is to be routed to the Collector on some designated root node. The placement of the Collector is specified by the annotation of that abstract task-say, as the node with ID 0. When a data item is produced on some non-root node, the runtime system on that node should know the destination of the data, i.e., the location or ID of the root node. In some deployments, the ID and location of the designated root node could be fixed and known a priori (e.g., it might be a gateway node connected to the desktop PC of the building supervisor). In such cases, the runtime systems on non-root node can be preprogrammed with a destination list (in this case, the root node) for the data item in question. Scenarios where this might not be suitable are when the root node itself is dynamic (say, a PDA device carried by the building supervisor) or the selection of a node as the root is performed only after the system is initialized.
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