9: Platform and Posture in Java

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9: Platform and Posture
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Transactional Web sites
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Some Web sites go beyond simple clicking and searching to offer transactional functionality that allows users to accomplish something beyond acquiring information. Classic examples of transactional Web sites are online stores and financial services sites. These are typically structured in a hierarchical page-based manner, similar to an informational Web site, but in addition to informational content, the pages also contain functional elements with complex behaviors. In the case of the online store, these functional elements include the shopping cart, check-out features and the ability to save a user profile. Some shopping sites also have more sophisticated and interactive tools as well, such as configurators, which allow users to customize or choose options related to their purchases. Designing transactional Web sites requires attention to both information architecture to organize the pages and to interaction design to devise appropriate behaviors for the more functional elements. Of course, visual design must serve both of these ends, as well as the effective communication of key brand attributes, which is often particularly important considering the commercial nature of most transactional sites.
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Postures for transactional Web sites
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Online shopping, banking, investment, portal, and other transactional sites must, like informational sites, strike a balance between sovereign and transient stances. In fact, many transactional sites have a significant informational aspect for example, online shoppers like to research and compare products or investments. During these activities, users are likely to devote significant attention to a single site, but in some cases (such as comparison shopping), they are also likely to bounce around among several sites. For these types of sites, navigational clarity is very important, as are access to supporting information and efficient transactions. Search engines and portals like Google and Yahoo! are a special kind of transactional site designed to provide navigation to other Web sites, as well as access to aggregated news and information from a variety of sources. Clearly, performing a search and navigating to resulting sites is a transient activity, but the information aggregation aspects of a portal like Yahoo! sometimes require a more sovereign stance. The transient aspects of users experiences with transactional sites make it especially important that they not be forced to navigate more than necessary. While it may be tempting to break up information and functions into several pages to reduce load time and visual complexity (both good objectives), also consider the potential for confusion and click fatigue on the part of your audience. In a landmark usability study conducted in 2001 by User Interface Engineering about user perception of page load time for e-commerce sites like Amazon.com and REI.com,
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Part II: Designing Behavior and Form
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it turned out that user perception of load time is more closely correlated to whether a user is able to achieve her goal than to actual load time.1
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Web applications
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Web applications are heavily interactive and exhibit complex behaviors in much the same way that a robust desktop application does. While some Web applications maintain a page-based navigation model, these pages are more analogous to views than they are to Web documents. While many of these applications are still bound by the archaic server query/response model (which requires users to manually submit each state change), technology now supports robust asynchronous communication with the server and local data caching, which allows an application delivered through a browser to behave in much the same way as a networked desktop application. Examples of Web applications include:
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Enterprise software, ranging from old school SAP interfaces duplicated in a browser to contemporary collaborative tools such as Salesforce.com and 37Signals Basecamp Personal publishing tools, including blogging software such as SixApart s MoveableType, photo-sharing software such as Flickr, and of course the ubiquitous Wiki Productivity tools such as Writely, a browser-based word processor, and Google Spreadsheets
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These Web applications can be presented to users very much like desktop applications that happen to run inside a browser window, with little penalty as long as the interactions are carefully designed to reflect technology constraints. While it certainly can be challenging to design and deliver rich and responsive interactions that work in a number of different browsers, the Web platform is very conducive to delivering tools that enable and facilitate collaboration. The Web browser is also a good method for delivering infrequently used functionality for which a user may not want to install a dedicated executable. And of course, a Web application enables users to access their information and functionality from anywhere they have Internet access. This is not always appropriate or necessary, but given the mobility of today s workforce and the popularization of telecommuting, it can certainly be of significant value to allow people to access the same tools and functionality from several different computers.
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