Step 2: Apply the chosen visual style to the screen archetype in Java

Develop qr-codes in Java Step 2: Apply the chosen visual style to the screen archetype
Step 2: Apply the chosen visual style to the screen archetype
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The next step is to apply one or two selected visual styles to key screens. We typically coordinate our visual and interaction design efforts so this step is performed close to the end of the interaction framework, when the design has begun to stabilize and there is sufficient specific detail to reflect the visual style. This further refines the visual style so that it reflects key behaviors and information. By making the design more concrete, you can better assess the feasibility of the proposed solution without the overhead of updating numerous screens for each minor change. Additionally, it s easier to elicit feedback from stakeholders.
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Defining the industrial design framework
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We develop the industrial design framework in much the same manner as the visual design framework, but because the form factor and input method have significant implications for both the industrial and interaction design, it s useful to collaborate early to identify relevant issues. The industrial design framework typically follows this process:
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1. Collaborate with interaction designers about form factor and input methods 2. Develop rough prototypes 3. Develop form language studies
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Step 1: Collaborate with interaction designers about form factor and input methods
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If the product you are designing relies upon custom hardware (as with a cell phone or medical device), it is important for interaction designers and industrial designers to agree upon a general physical form and input methods. While the course of the design framework will certainly help to refine the design, decisions should be made at this point about the general size and shape of the product, the screen size (if any), the number and general orientation of hard and soft buttons, and if it has a touch screen, keyboard, voice recognition, and so on. This collaboration typically starts with a couple of days at the whiteboard and a condensed set of scenarios. Important things to consider when making these decisions include persona experience goals (refer to 5), attitudes, aptitudes, and environmental factors, as
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Part I: Understanding Goal-Directed Design
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well as brand and experience keywords, market research, manufacturing costs, and pricing targets. Because the cost of a hinge can make or break the margin on hardware, and because internal components (such as a battery) can have a tremendous impact on form, an early sanity check with mechanical and electrical engineers is critical. There is only one user experience, and it comes from the combination of the physical form and the interactive behavior of the product. The two must be designed in concert, and according to the old adage of Modern architecture: form should follow function. The demands of interaction must guide the industrial design, but concerns about fabrication and cost will also impact the possibilities available to interaction design.
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There is only one user experience form and behavior must be designed in concert with each other.
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DESIGN principle
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Step 2: Develop rough prototypes
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It is often the case that even after the overall form and input methods are defined, there are still a variety of approaches that the industrial designers can take. For example, when we ve designed office phones and medical devices, there s often been the question of whether the screen angle should be fixed or if it should be adjustable, and if so, how that will be accomplished. Industrial designers sketch and create rough prototypes from foam board and other materials. In many cases, we ll show several to stakeholders because there are different cost and ergonomic considerations with each.
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Step 3: Develop form language studies
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In a fashion similar to the visual language studies described above, the next step is to explore a variety of physical styles. Unlike the visual language studies, these are not abstract composites but rather represent various looks applied to the specific form factors and input mechanisms determined in Steps 1 and 2. These studies include shape, dimensionality, materials, color, and finish. As with visual style studies, form language studies should be informed by persona goals, attitudes, aptitudes, experience keywords, environmental factors, and manufacturing and pricing constraints. Typically these studies require several rounds of iteration to land upon a feasible and desirable solution.
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