6: The Foundations of Design: Scenarios and Requirements in Java

Implementation QR Code JIS X 0510 in Java 6: The Foundations of Design: Scenarios and Requirements
6: The Foundations of Design: Scenarios and Requirements
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have been invested on the basis of simple pencil sketches or line drawings. By focusing on the narrative, we are able to quickly and flexibly arrive at a high-level design solution without getting bogged-down by the inertia and expense inherent to highproduction-value renderings (though such renderings are certainly appropriate once a working design framework is in place).
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Scenarios in design
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In the 1990s, substantial work was done by the HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) community around the idea of use-oriented software design. From this work came the concept of the scenario, commonly used to describe a method of design problem solving by concretization: making use of a specific story to both construct and illustrate design solutions. These concepts are discussed by John Carroll, in his book, Making Use: Scenarios are paradoxically concrete but rough, tangible but flexible . . . they implicitly encourage what-if thinking among all parties. They permit the articulation of design possibilities without undermining innovation . . . Scenarios compel attention to the use that will be made of the design product. They can describe situations at many levels of detail, for many different purposes, helping to coordinate various aspects of the design project.3 Carroll s use of scenario-based design focuses on describing how users accomplish tasks. It consists of an environmental setting and includes agents or actors that are abstracted stand-ins for users, with role-based names such as Accountant or Programmer. Although Carroll certainly understands the power and importance of scenarios in the design process, we ve found two shortcomings with scenarios as Carroll approaches them:
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Carroll s concept of the actor as an abstracted, role-oriented model is not sufficiently concrete to provide understanding of or empathy with users. It is impossible to design appropriate behaviors for a system without understanding the users of the system in specific detail. Carroll s scenarios jump too quickly to the elaboration of tasks without considering the user s goals and motivations that drive and filter these tasks. Although Carroll does briefly discuss goals, he refers only to goals of the scenario. These goals are circularly defined as the completion of specific tasks. In our experience, user goals must be considered before user tasks can be identified and prioritized. Without addressing the motivation of human behavior, high-level product definition can be difficult and misguided.
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Part I: Understanding Goal-Directed Design
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The missing ingredient in Carroll s scenario-based design methods is the use of personas. A persona provides a tangible representation of the user to act as a believable agent in the setting of a scenario. In addition to reflecting current behavior patterns and motivations, personas enable the exploration of how user motivations should inflect and prioritize tasks in the future. Because personas model goals and not simply tasks, the scope of the problems addressed by scenarios can be broadened to include those related to product definition. They help answer the questions, What should this product do and How should this product look and behave
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Using personas in scenarios
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Persona-based scenarios are concise narrative descriptions of one or more personas using a product to achieve specific goals. They allow us to start our designs from a story describing an ideal experience from the persona s perspective, focusing on people, and how they think and behave, rather than on technology or business goals. Scenarios can capture the nonverbal dialogue4 between the user and a product, environment, or system over time, as well as the structure and behavior of interactive functions. Goals serve as a filter for tasks and as guides for structuring the display of information and controls during the iterative process of constructing the scenarios. Scenario content and context are derived from information gathered during the Research phase and analyzed during the Modeling phase. Designers role-play personas as the characters in these scenarios,5 similar to actors performing improvisation. This process leads to real-time synthesis of structure and behavior typically, at a whiteboard and later informs the detailed look-and-feel. Finally, personas and scenarios are used to test the validity of design ideas and assumptions throughout the process.
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