Part I: Understanding Goal-Directed Design in Java

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Part I: Understanding Goal-Directed Design
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artifacts themselves (digital or video cameras are very handy at this stage) but also pay attention to how the interviewee describes them. Be sure to ask plenty of clarifying questions as well. Avoid leading questions One important thing to avoid in interviews is the use of leading questions. Just as in a courtroom, where lawyers can, by virtue of their authority, bias witnesses by suggesting answers to them, designers can inadvertently bias interview subjects by implicitly (or explicitly) suggesting solutions or opinions about behaviors. Examples of leading questions include:
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Would feature X help you You like X, don t you Do you think you d use X if it were available
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After the interviews
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After each interview, teams compare notes and discuss any particularly interesting trends observed or specific points brought up in the most recent interview. If they have the time, they should also look back at old notes to see whether unanswered questions from other interviews and research have been properly answered. This information should be used to strategize about the approach to take in subsequent interviews. After the interview process is finished, it is useful to once again make a pass through all the notes, marking or highlighting trends and patterns in the data. This is very useful for the next step of creating personas from the cumulative research. If it is helpful, the team can create a binder of the notes, review any videotapes, and print out artifact images to place in the binder or on a public surface, such as a wall, where they are all visible simultaneously. This will be useful in later design phases.
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Other Types of Research
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This chapter has focused on qualitative research aimed at gathering user data that will later be used to construct robust user and domain models that form the key tools in the Goal-Directed Design methodology described in the next chapter. A wide variety of other forms of research are used by design and usability professionals, ranging from detailed task analysis activities to focus groups and usability tests. While many of these activities have the potential to contribute to the creation of useful and desirable products, we have found the qualitative approach described in this chapter to provide the most value to digital product design. Put simply, the
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4: Understanding Users: Qualitative Research
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qualitative approach helps answer questions about the product at both the big-picture and functional-detail level with a relatively small amount of effort and expense. No other research technique can claim this. Mike Kuniavsky s book Observing the User Experience is an excellent resource that describes a wide range of user research methods for use at many points in the design and development process. In the remainder of this chapter, we discuss just a few of the more prominent research methods and how they fit into the overall development effort.
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Focus groups
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Marketing organizations are particularly fond of gathering user data via focus groups, in which representative users, usually chosen to match previously identified demographic segments of the target market, are gathered together in a room and asked a structured set of questions and provided a structured set of choices. Often, the meeting is recorded on audio or video media for later reference. Focus groups are a standard technique in traditional product marketing. They are useful for gauging initial reactions to the form of a product, its visual appearance, or industrial design. Focus groups can also gather reactions to a product that the respondents have been using for some time. Although focus groups may appear to provide the requisite user contact, the method is in many ways not appropriate as a design tool. Focus groups excel at eliciting information about products that people own or are willing (or unwilling) to purchase but are weak at gathering data about what people actually do with those products, or how and why they do it. Also, because they are a group activity, focus groups tend to drive to consensus. The majority or loudest opinion often becomes the group opinion. This is anathema to the design process, where designers must understand all the different patterns of behavior a product must address. Focus groups tend to stifle exactly the diversity of behavior and opinion that designers must accommodate.
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