Product and competitive audits in Java

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Product and competitive audits
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Also in parallel to stakeholder and SME interviews, it is often quite helpful for the design team to examine any existing version or prototype of the product, as well as its chief competitors. Doing so gives the design team a sense of the state of the art, and provides fuel for questions during the interviews. The design team, ideally, should engage in an informal heuristic or expert review of both the current and competitive interfaces, comparing each against interaction and visual design principles (such as those found later in this book). This procedure both familiarizes the team with the strengths and limitations of what is currently available to users, and provides a general idea of the current functional scope of the product.
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Part I: Understanding Goal-Directed Design
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Ethnographic Interviews: Interviewing and Observing Users
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Drawing on years of design research in practice, we believe that a combination of observation and one-on-one interviews is the most effective and efficient tool in a designer s arsenal for gathering qualitative data about users and their goals. The technique of ethnographic interviews is a combination of immersive observation and directed interview techniques. Hugh Beyer and Karen Holtzblatt have pioneered an ethnographic interviewing technique that they call contextual inquiry. Their method has, for good reason, rapidly gained traction in the industry, and provides a sound basis for qualitative user research. It is described in detail in the first four chapters of their book, Contextual Design. Contextual inquiry methods closely parallel the methods described here, but with some subtle and important differences.
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Contextual inquiry
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Contextual inquiry, according to Beyer and Holtzblatt, is based on a masterapprentice model of learning: observing and asking questions of the user as if she is the master craftsman, and the interviewer the new apprentice. Beyer and Holtzblatt also enumerate four basic principles for engaging in ethnographic interviews:
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Context Rather than interviewing the user in a clean white room, it is important to interact with and observe the user in her normal work environment, or whatever physical context is appropriate for the product. Observing users as they perform activities and questioning them in their own environments, filled with the artifacts they use each day, can bring the all-important details of their behaviors to light. Partnership The interview and observation should take the tone of a collaborative exploration with the user, alternating between observation of work and discussion of its structure and details. Interpretation Much of the work of the designer is reading between the lines of facts gathered about users behaviors, their environment, and what they say. These facts must be taken together as a whole and analyzed by the designer to uncover the design implications. Interviewers must be careful, however, to avoid assumptions based on their own interpretation of the facts without verifying these assumptions with users.
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4: Understanding Users: Qualitative Research Focus Rather than coming to interviews with a set questionnaire or letting the interview wander aimlessly, the designer needs to subtly direct the interview so as to capture data relevant to design issues.
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Improving on contextual inquiry
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Contextual inquiry forms a solid theoretical foundation for qualitative research, but as a specific method it has some limitations and inefficiencies. The following process improvements, in our experience, result in a more highly leveraged research phase that better sets the stage for successful design:
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Shorten the interview process Contextual inquiry assumes full-day interviews with users. The authors have found that interviews as short as one hour can be sufficient to gather the necessary user data, provided that a sufficient number of interviews (about six well-selected users for each hypothesized role or type) are scheduled. It is much easier and more effective to find a diverse set of users who will consent to an hour with a designer than it is to find users who will agree to spend an entire day. Use smaller design teams Contextual inquiry assumes a large design team that conducts multiple interviews in parallel, followed by debriefing sessions in which the full team participates. We ve found that it is more effective to conduct interviews sequentially with the same designers in each interview. This allows the design team to remain small (two or three designers), but even more important, it means that the entire team interacts with all interviewed users directly, allowing the members to most effectively analyze and synthesize the user data. Identify goals first Contextual inquiry, as described by Beyer and Holtzblatt, feeds a design process that is fundamentally task focused. We propose that ethnographic interviews first identify and prioritize user goals before determining the tasks that relate to these goals. Looking beyond business contexts The vocabulary of contextual inquiry assumes a business product and a corporate environment. Ethnographic interviews are also possible in consumer domains, though the focus of questioning is somewhat different, as we describe later in this chapter.
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The remainder of this chapter provides general methods and tips for preparing for and conducting ethnographic interviews.
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