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Stakeholder interviews
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Research for any new product design should start by understanding the business and technical context surrounding the product. In almost all cases, the reason a product is being designed (or redesigned) is to achieve one or several specific business outcomes (most commonly, to make money). It is the designers obligation to develop solutions without ever losing sight of these business goals, and it is therefore critical that the design team begin its work by understanding the opportunities and constraints that are behind the design brief. As Donald Sch n so aptly puts it, design is a conversation with materials 1 This means that for a designer to craft an appropriate solution, he must understand the capabilities and limitations of the materials that will be used to construct the product, whether they be lines of code or extruded plastic.
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4: Understanding Users: Qualitative Research
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Generally speaking, a stakeholder is anyone with authority and/or responsibility for the product being designed. More specifically, stakeholders are key members of the organization commissioning the design work, and typically include executives, managers, and representative contributors from development, sales, product management, marketing, customer support, design, and usability. They may also include similar people from other organizations in business partnership with the commissioning organization. Interviews with stakeholders should occur before any user research begins because these discussions often inform how user research is conducted. Also, it is usually most effective to interview each stakeholder in isolation, rather than in a larger, cross-departmental group. A one-on-one setting promotes candor on the part of the stakeholder, and ensures that individual views are not lost in a crowd. (One of the most interesting things that can be discovered in such interviews is the extent to which everyone in a product team shares or doesn t share a common vision.) Interviews need not last longer than about an hour, though follow-up meetings may be called for if a particular stakeholder is identified as an exceptionally valuable source of information. The type of information that is important to gather from stakeholders includes:
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Preliminary product vision As in the fable of the blind men and the elephant, you may find that each business department has a slightly different and slightly incomplete perspective on the product to be designed. Part of the design approach must therefore involve harmonizing these perspectives with those of users and customers. Budget and schedule Discussions on this topic often provide a reality check on the scope of the design effort and provide a decision point for management if user research indicates a greater (or lesser) scope is required. Technical constraints and opportunities Another important determinant of design scope is a firm understanding of what is technically feasible given budget, time, and technology constraints. It is also often the case that a product is being developed to capitalize on a new technology. Understanding the opportunities underlying this technology can help shape the product s direction. Business drivers It is important for the design team to understand what the business is trying to accomplish. This again leads to a decision point, should user research indicate a conflict between business and user needs. The design must, as much as possible, create a win-win situation for users, customers, and providers of the product.
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Part I: Understanding Goal-Directed Design Stakeholders perceptions of the user Stakeholders who have relationships with users (such as customer support representatives) may have important insights on users that will help you to formulate your user research plan. You may also find that there are significant disconnects between some stakeholders perceptions of their users and what you discover in your research. This information can become an important discussion point with management later in the process.
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Understanding these issues and their impact on design solutions helps you as a designer to better develop a successful product. Regardless of how desirable your designs are to customers and users, without considering the viability and feasibility of the proposed solution there is no chance that the product will thrive. Discussing these topics is also important to developing a common language and understanding among the design team, management, and engineering teams. As a designer, your job is to develop a vision that the entire team believes in. Without taking the time to understand everyone s perspective, it is unlikely that they will feel that proposed solutions reflect their priorities. Because these people have the responsibility and authority to deliver the product to the real world, they are guaranteed to have important knowledge and opinions. If you don t ask for it upfront, it is likely to be forced upon you later, often in the form of a critique of your proposed solutions.
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