Part III: Designing Interaction Details in Java

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Part III: Designing Interaction Details
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Figure 25-8 This pane from a Cooper design for a long-term health-care information system is a good example of RVMF. The diagram is a representation of all the rooms in the facility. Color-coding indicates male, female, empty, or mixed-gender rooms; numbers indicate empty beds; tiny boxes between rooms indicate shared bathrooms. Black triangles indicate health issues, and a tiny H means a held bed. This RVMF is supplanted with ToolTips, which show room number and names of the occupants of the room, and highlight any important notices about the room or the residents. A numeric summary of rooms, beds, and employees is given at the top. This display has a short learning curve. Once mastered, it allows nurses and facility managers to understand their facility s status at a glance.
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Imagine if all the objects that had pertinent status information on your desktop or in your application were able to display their status in this manner. Printer icons could show how near they were to completing your print job. Disks and removable media icons could show how full they were. When an object was selected for drag and drop, all the places that could receive it would visually highlight to announce their receptiveness. Think about the objects in your application, what attributes they have especially dynamically changing ones and what kind of status information is critical for your users. Figure out how to create a representation of this. After a user notices and learns this representation, it tells him what is going on at a glance. (There should also be a way to get fully detailed information if the user requests it.) Put this information into main application windows in the form of RVMF and see how many dialogs you can eliminate from routine use! One important point does need to be made about rich modeless visual feedback. It isn t for beginners. Even if you add ToolTips to textually describe the details of any visual cues you add (which you should), it requires users to perform work to
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25: Errors, Alerts, and Confirmations
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discover it and decode its meaning. RVMF is something that users will begin to use over time. When they do, they ll think it s amazing; but, in the meantime, they will need support of menus and dialogs to find what they re looking for. This means that RVMF used to replace alerts and warnings of serious trouble must be extraordinarily clear to users. Make sure that this kind of status is visually emphasized over less critical, more informational RVMF.
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Audible feedback
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In data-entry environments, clerks sit for hours in front of computer screens entering data. These users may well be examining source documents and typing by touch instead of looking at the screen. If a clerk enters something erroneous, he needs to be informed of it via both auditory and visual feedback. The clerk can then use his sense of hearing to monitor the success of his inputs while he keeps his eyes on the document. The kind of auditory feedback we re proposing is not the same as the beep that accompanies an error message box. In fact, it isn t a beep at all. The auditory indicator we propose as feedback for a problem is silence. The problem with much current audible feedback is the still prevalent idea that, rather than positive audible feedback, negative feedback is desirable. Webform qrcode creationwith .net
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Negative audible feedback: Announcing user failure
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People frequently counter the idea of audible feedback with arguments that users don t like it. Users are offended by the sounds that computers make, and they don t like to have their computer beeping at them. Despite the fact that Microsoft and Apple have tried to improve the quality of alert sounds by hiring sound designers (including the legendary Brian Eno for Windows 95), all the warm ambience in the world doesn t change the fact that they are used to convey negative, often insulting messages. Emitting noise when something bad happens is called negative audible feedback. On most systems, error message boxes are normally accompanied by a shrill beep, and audible feedback has thus become strongly associated them. That beep is a public announcement of a user s failure. It explains to all within earshot that you have done something execrably stupid. It is such a hateful idiom that most software developers now have an unquestioned belief that audible feedback is bad and should never again be considered as a part of interface design. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is the negative aspect of the feedback that presents problems, not the audible aspect.
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