Part III: Designing Interaction Details in Java

Printing qr codes in Java Part III: Designing Interaction Details
Part III: Designing Interaction Details
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ugly and hard to use. More likely, they will make just a few custom changes and enter them one at a time over the course of months or years. Microsoft has extended the idiom so that you can create your own completely new, completely custom toolbars. The feature is certainly overkill for normal users, but there are those who appreciate such flexibility.
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The ribbon
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As we discussed earlier in this chapter and in 22, Microsoft introduced a new GUI idiom with Office 2007: The ribbon (see Figure 23-6). In essence, it is a tabbed toolbar with textual labels for groups of functions, as well as a heterogeneous presentation of butcons and textual commands. The tabs provide groupings similar to those used in menus (such as Home, Insert, Page Layout, References, Mailings, Review, and View in Word 2007).
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Figure 23-6 The ribbon in Microsoft Word 2007 replaces the menu system with what is essentially a tabbed toolbar. While it does provide a more visual way to access functions than a traditional menu, its lack of text labels may limit its effectiveness as a pedagogical mechanism.
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Aside from creating a more visually structured way of presenting a considerable number of functions, which is certainly of value, it isn t clear that the ribbon is quite as innovative as Microsoft suggests. (And although positioned differently, it also seems quite similar to Apple s Inspectors. For example, iWeb has a tool palette that changes contents based on selection of a tool at the top. It is not represented as a tab, but it behaves as one.) In fact, the near abandonment of text commands as found in traditional menus (which users have to go to Options to turn on) in favor of butcons may have grave implications for users learning to use the products. At the time of writing, this idiom has only been in widespread use for a few months, and it is too early to assess its success.
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23: Toolbars
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Contextual toolbars
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A truly useful evolution of the toolbar idiom is the contextual toolbar. Similar to a right-click contextual menu, it provides a small group of butcons adjacent to the mouse cursor. In some implementations, the specific butcons presented are dependent on the object selected: If text is selected, the buttons provide text-formatting options; if a drawing object is selected, the buttons enable users to change object properties. A variation of this idiom was also popularized with Microsoft Office 2007 (where it is called the Mini Toolbar ), though similar idioms have been used in several applications, including Adobe Photoshop (where the toolbar is docked) and Apple s Logic music production environment (where the toolbar is a modal cursor palette).
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As we discussed in 21, the hallmark of bad interaction design is a user interface that consists primarily of control-laden modal dialog boxes. It is very difficult to create fluid interactions by forcing users through a maze of dialogs. If a user is the chef, and the application is the kitchen, then a dialog box is the pantry. The pantry plays a secondary role, as should dialog boxes. They are supporting actors rather than lead players, and although they may ratchet the action forward, they should not be the engines of motion.
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Appropriate Uses for Dialog Boxes
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Dialogs are superimposed over the main window of the application. A dialog engages users in a conversation by offering information and requesting some input. When a user has finished viewing or changing the information presented, he has the option of accepting or rejecting his changes. The dialog then disappears and returns the user to the main application window. Unfortunately, many users and programmers have come to think of dialog boxes as the primary user-interface idiom of the GUI (this is largely a result of the ease with which dialogs can be implemented). Many applications use dialogs to provide the main method of interaction with the program (and we re not talking about simple applications that are composed of just a single dialog box; in those cases, the dialog
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