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The Edit menu contains facilities for selecting, cutting, pasting, and making modifications to selected objects (though if there are a lot of functions to do this, they should be grouped in a separate Modify or Format menu). Don t use the Edit menu as a catch-all for functions that don t seem to fit anywhere else.
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22: Menus
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Figure 22-3 The File menu from Microsoft Word shows off the excellent Most Recently Used (MRU) list. In 17, you saw how to reconstruct the first six items so that they better reflect the user s mental model, rather than following the technically faithful implementation model as shown here.
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The Windows menu is for arranging, viewing, and switching between multiple windows opened by the program. It can also offer tools for laying out multiple documents onscreen simultaneously. Nothing else should go on this menu. It should be noted that unless you have a multiple document interface (MDI), this menu is seldom necessary.
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Today s Help menus tend to reflect poorly designed and implemented help systems. We talk much more about help in general in 25, but suffice to say, this menu should contain a variety of methods for helping people learn to use your application. One thing sorely lacking on most Help menus is an item labeled Shortcuts that
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Part III: Designing Interaction Details
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explains how to go beyond relying on the menus. It could offer pointers on more powerful idioms such as accelerators, toolbar buttons, and direct-manipulation idioms.
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Optional Menus
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The following menus are commonly used, but considered optional in most style guides. An application of moderate complexity is likely to make use of at least some of these menus.
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The View menu should contain all options that influence the way a user looks at the program s data. Additionally, any optionally displayed structural interface elements such as rulers, toolbars, grids, drawers, sidebars, or palettes should be controlled here.
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The Insert menu provides the facility to introduce new objects in a document. In a word processor, appropriate examples include inserting tables, graphs, and symbols. In a music sequencer, appropriate examples include inserting new instruments, effects, and key changes.
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If you have a Settings menu in your application, you are making a commitment to a user that anytime he wants to alter a setting in the program he will easily find the way to do it here. Don t offer up a settings menu and then scatter other setting items or dialogs on other menus. This includes printer settings, which are often erroneously found on the File menu.
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The Format menu is one of the weakest of the optional menus because it deals almost exclusively with properties of visual objects and not functions. In a more object-oriented world, properties of visual objects are controlled by more visual direct-manipulation idioms, not by functions. The menu serves its pedagogic purpose, but you might consider omitting it entirely if you ve implemented a more object-oriented format property scheme.
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22: Menus
The page setup commands that typically reside on the File menu should be placed here. (Notice that page setup is very different from printer setup.)
The Tools menu, sometimes less clearly called the Options menu, is where big, powerful functions go. Functions like spell checkers and goal finders are considered tools. Also, the Tool menu is where the hard-hat items should go. Hard-hat items are the functions that should only be used by real power users. These include various advanced settings. For example, a client-server database program has easy-to-use, direct-manipulation idioms for building a query, while behind the scenes the program is composing the appropriate SQL statement to create the report. Giving power users a way to edit the SQL statement directly is most definitely a hard-hat function! Functions like these can be dangerous or dislocating, so they must be visually set off from the more benign tools available. Another possible approach is to place them in an Expert or Advanced menu, to the right of the more benign Tools menu, which Apple has done in iPhoto, for example, though some of the functions there may be improperly placed.