Insert and overtype entry modes in Java

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Insert and overtype entry modes
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In most text editors there is a user-settable option toggling between insert mode, where text following the insertion point is preserved by sliding it out of the way as new text is added, and overtype mode, where text following the insertion point is lost as the user types over it. These two modes are omnipresent in the world of word processors and, like FORTRAN, never seem to die. Insert and overtype are modes that cause a significant change in the behavior of an interface, with no obvious indication until after a user has interacted, and there is no clear way into or out of these modes (at least in Windows) except by means of a rather obscure keystroke. Today, with modern GUI word processors, it s hard to imagine anyone using overtype mode, but undoubtedly such people are out there. But for edit fields of a single line, adding controls beyond simple insert-mode entry and editing is foolish the potential for trouble is far greater than the advantages. Of course, if you are designing a word processor, the story is different.
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Part III: Designing Interaction Details
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Using text edit controls for output: A bad idea
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The text edit control, with its familiar system font and visually articulated white box, encourages data entry. Yet software developers frequently use the text edit control for read-only output fields. The edit control certainly works as an output field, but to use this control for output only is like pulling a bait and switch on your user, and he will not be amused. If you have text data to output, use a text display control and not a text edit control. If you want to show the amount of free space on disk, for example, don t use a text edit field, because users are likely to think that they can get more free space by entering a bigger number. At least, that is what the control is telling them with its equivalent of body language. If you are going to output editable information, go ahead and output it in a fully editable text control and wire it up internally so that it works exactly as it will appear. If not, stick to display controls, described in the next section.
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DESIGN principle
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Use noneditable (display) controls for output-only text. qr barcode creationon .net
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Display Controls
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Display controls are used to display and manage the visual presentation of information on the screen. Typical examples include scrollbars and screen-splitters. Controls that manage the way objects are displayed visually on the screen fall into this category, as do those that display static, read-only information. These include paginators, rulers, guidelines, grids, group boxes, and those 3D lines called dips and bumps. Rather than discuss all of these at length, we focus on a few of the more problematic controls.
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Text controls
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Probably the simplest display control is the text control, which displays a written message at some location on the screen. The management job that it performs is pretty prosaic, serving only to label other controls and to output data that cannot or should not be changed by users. The only significant problem with text controls is that they are often used where edit controls should be (and vice versa). Most information stored in a computer can be changed by users. Why not allow them to change it at the same point the software displays it Why should the mechanism to input a value be different from the mechanism to output that value In many cases, it makes no sense for the program to
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21: Controls
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separate these related functions. In almost all cases where the program displays a value that could be changed, it should do so in an editable field so a user can click on it and change it directly. Special edit modes are almost always examples of excise. For years, Adobe Photoshop insisted on opening a dialog box in order to create formatted text in an image. Thus, a user could not see exactly how the text was going to look in the image, forcing her to repeat the procedure again and again to get things right. Finally Adobe fixed the problem, letting users edit formatted text directly into an image layer, in full WYSIWYG fashion as it should be.
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