Full-Screen Applications in Java

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Full-Screen Applications
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Overlapping windows fail to make it easy to navigate between multiple, running programs; so other vendors continue to search for new ways to achieve this. The virtual desktop of session managers on some Unix-based platforms extends the desktop to six times the size of the visible window. (Apple has recently introduced something similar in Mac OS X.) In a corner of the screen are small, superimposed, thumbnail images of all six desktop spaces, all of which can be running different things simultaneously and each of which can have many open windows. You switch between these virtual desktops by clicking on the one you want to make active. In
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Part III: Designing Interaction Details
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some versions, you can even drag tiny window thumbnails from one desktop to another. Microsoft braved a double-barreled, breach-of-contract and patent-infringement lawsuit from Apple in order to add overlapping to Windows 2.0. In all this controversy, the basic problem seemed to have been forgotten: How can a user easily navigate from one program to another Multiple windows sharing a small screen whether overlapping or tiled is not a good general solution (although it certainly may have its occasional uses). We are moving rapidly to a world of full-screen programs. Each application occupies the entire screen when it is at bat. A tool like the taskbar borrows the minimum quantity of pixels from the running application to provide a visual method of changing the lineup. (Amusingly, this concept is similar to the early days of the Mac with its Switcher, which would toggle the Mac display between one full-screen application and another.) This solution is much more pixelfriendly, less confusing to users, and highly appropriate when an application is being used for an extended period of time. In Mac OS X and Windows XP and Vista, users have the choice of making their applications full-screen or overlapping. Contemporary software design often begins with the assumption that the user interface will consist of a series of overlapping windows, without modes, informed by a global metaphor. The PARC legacy is a strong one. Most of what we know about modern graphical user interface design came from these origins, whether right or wrong. But the well-tempered designer will push the myths aside and approach software design from a fresh viewpoint, using history as a guide, not as a mandate.
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Multipaned Applications
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It turns out that there is an idiom that takes the best elements of tiled windows and provides them within a sovereign, full-screen application the idiom of multipaned windows. Multipaned windows consist of independent views or panes that share a single window. Adjacent panes are separated by fixed or movable dividers or splitters. (We discuss splitters more in 21.) The classic example of a multipaned application is Microsoft Outlook, where separate panes are used to display the list of mailboxes, contents of the selected mailbox, a selected message, and upcoming appointments and tasks, all on one screen (see Figure 20-1).
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20: Window Behaviors
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Figure 20-1 Microsoft Outlook 2007 is a classic example of a multipaned application. The far-left pane includes a list of mailboxes, as well as providing the ability to switch between views such as Mail and Calendar. The top-center pane shows all the messages in the selected mailbox, while the pane below it shows the contents of the selected message. The pane on the right shows the next three appointments and upcoming tasks.
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The advantage of multipaned windows is that independent but related information can be easily displayed in a single, sovereign screen in a manner that reduces navigation and window management excise to almost nil. For a sovereign application of any complexity, adjacent pane designs are practically a requirement. Specifically, designs that provide navigation and/or building blocks in one pane and allow viewing or construction of data in an adjacent pane seem to represent an efficient pattern that bears repeating. The concept of adjacent panes was also adopted on the Web in the form of frames, but thanks to a poorly designed implementation out of the gate and a standards war between then preeminent Netscape and Microsoft, frames have been tainted as awkward and complex. Hopefully, as Web technologies progress and highly interactive Web applications become more prevalent, the concept behind frames will reemerge inside the browser (the browsers themselves already make use of multiple
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