19: Pointing, Selecting, and Direct Manipulation in Java

Integrating qr-codes in Java 19: Pointing, Selecting, and Direct Manipulation
19: Pointing, Selecting, and Direct Manipulation
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idioms is to allow users to successfully perceive the location and movement of objects in a 3D scene projected in an orthographic or perspective view. Baseline grids provide virtual floors and walls to a scene, one for each axis, which serve to orient users. This is especially useful when (as is usually the case) the camera viewpoint can be freely rotated. Depthcueing is a means by which objects deeper in the field of view appear dimmer. This effect is typically continuous, so even a single object s surface will exhibit depthcueing, giving useful clues about its size, shape, and extent. Depthcueing, when used on grids, helps disambiguate the orientation of the grid in the view. One method used by some 3D applications for positioning objects is the idea of shadows outlines of selected objects projected onto the grids as if a light is shining perpendicularly to each grid. As the user moves the object in 3D space, she can track, by virtue of these shadows or silhouettes, how she is moving (or sizing) the object in each dimension. Shadows work pretty well, but all those grids and shadows can get in the way visually. An alternative is the use of a single floor grid and a pole. Poles work in conjunction with a horizontally oriented grid. When a user selects an object, a vertical line extends from the center of the object to the grid. As she moves the object, the pole moves with it, but the pole remains vertical. The user can see where in 3D space she is moving the object by watching where the base of the pole moves on the surface of the grid (x- and y-axes), and also by watching the length and orientation of the pole in relation to the grid (z-axis). Guidelines and other rich visual hints The idioms described in the previous section are all examples of rich visual modeless feedback, which we will discuss in detail in 25. However, for some applications, lots of grids and poles may be overkill. For example, Google s SketchUp is an architectural sketching program where users can lay down their own drafting lines using tape measure and protractor tools and, as they draw out their sketches, get color-coded hinting that keeps them oriented to the right axes. Users can also turn on a blue-gradient sky and a ground color to help keep them oriented. Because the application is focused on architectural sketching, not general-purpose 3D modeling or animation, the designers were able to pull off a spare, powerful, and simple interface that is easy to both learn and use (see Figure 19-13).
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Part III: Designing Interaction Details
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Figure 19-13 Google s SketchUp is a gem of an application that combines powerful 3D architectural sketching capability with smooth interaction, rich feedback, and a manageable set of design tools. Users can set sky color and real-world shadows according to location, orientation, and time of day and year. These not only help in presentation but also help orient users. Users also can lay down 3D grid and measurement guides just as in a 2D sketching application. Camera rotate and zoom functions are cleverly mapped to the mouse scroll wheel, allowing fluid access while using other tools. ToolTips provide textual hints that assist in drawing lines and aligning objects.
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Wire frames and bounding boxes Wire frames and bounding boxes solve problems of object visibility. In the days of slower processors, all objects needed to be represented as wire frames because computers weren t fast enough to render solid surfaces in real time. It is fairly common these days for modeling applications to render a rough surface for selected objects, while leaving unselected objects as wire frames. Transparency would also work, but is still very computing-intensive. In highly complex scenes, it is sometimes necessary or desirable, but not ideal, to render only the bounding boxes of unselected objects.
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