19: Pointing, Selecting, and Direct Manipulation in Java

Encoder QR in Java 19: Pointing, Selecting, and Direct Manipulation
19: Pointing, Selecting, and Direct Manipulation
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Figure 19-10 This spool-shaped drag threshold allowed a bias towards horizontal dragging in a client s program. Horizontal dragging was, by far, the most frequently used type of drag in this application. This drag threshold made it difficult for a user to inadvertently begin a vertical drag. However, if the user really wanted to drag vertically, a bold move either up or down would cause the program to commit to the vertical mode with a minimum of excise.
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This is solved by adding a fine scrolling function, whereby users can quickly shift into a mode that allows much finer resolution for mouse-based manipulation of objects. During a drag, if a user decides that he needs more precise maneuvering, he can change the ratio of the mouse s movement to the object s movement on the screen. Any program that might demand precise alignment must offer a fine scrolling facility. This includes, at a minimum, all drawing and painting programs, presentation programs, and image-manipulation programs.
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DESIGN principle
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Any program that demands precise alignment must offer a vernier.
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There are several variants of this idiom. Commonly, using a meta-key while dragging puts the mouse into vernier mode. In vernier mode, every 10 pixels of mouse movement will be interpreted as a single pixel of object movement. Another effective method is to make the arrow keys active during a drag operation. While holding down the mouse button, a user can manipulate the arrow keys to move the selection up, down, left, or right one pixel at a time. The drag operation is still terminated by releasing the mouse button. The problem with such a vernier is that the simple act of releasing the mouse button can often cause a user s hand to shift a pixel or two, causing the perfectly placed object to slip out of alignment just at the moment of acceptance. The solution to this is, upon receipt of the first vernier keystroke, to desensitize the mouse. This is
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Part III: Designing Interaction Details
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accomplished by making the mouse ignore all subsequent movements under some reasonable threshold, say five pixels. This means that a user can make the initial gross movements with the mouse, then make a final, precise placement with the arrow keys, and release the mouse button without disturbing the placement. If the user wants to make additional gross movements after beginning the vernier, he simply moves the mouse beyond the threshold, and the system shifts back out of vernier mode. If the arrow keys are not otherwise spoken for in the interface, as in a drawing program, they can be used to control vernier movement of the selected object. This means that a user does not have to hold the mouse button down. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop do this, as does PowerPoint. In PowerPoint, the arrow keys move the selected object one step on the grid about 2 millimeters using the default grid settings. If you hold the Alt key down while using the arrow keys, the movement is one pixel per arrow keystroke.
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Control Manipulation
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Controls are the fundamental building blocks of the modern graphical user interface. While we discuss the topic in detail in 21, in our current discussion of direct manipulation it is worth addressing the mouse interactions required by several controls. Many controls, particularly menus, require the moderately difficult motion of a click-and-drag rather than a mere click. This direct-manipulation operation is more demanding of users because of its juxtaposition of fine motions with gross motions to click, drag, and then release the mouse button. Although menus are not used as frequently as toolbar controls, they are still used very often, particularly by new or infrequent users. Thus, we find one of the more intractable conundrums of GUI design: The menu is the primary control for beginners, yet it is one of the more difficult controls to physically operate. There is no solution to this problem other than to provide additional idioms to accomplish the same task. If a function is available from the menu, and it is one that will be used more than just rarely, make sure to provide idioms for invoking the function that don t require a click-and-drag operation, such as a toolbar button. One nice feature in Windows, which Mac OS has also adopted, is the capability to work its menus with a series of single clicks rather than clicking and dragging. You click on the menu, and it drops down. You point to the desired item, click once to select it and close the menu. Microsoft further extended this idea by putting programs into a sort of menu mode as soon as you click once on any menu. When in
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